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Arcana: Sun Exalted: Joy

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Sun Exalted: Joy

An enchanted perfume to lift the spirits, nurture optimism, and inspire elation.

Three yellow cakes, ginger marmalade, raw ginger, bright Buddha's hand, pineapple, cinnamon, Balaton cherry, and black pepper.

Handcrafted exclusively for Nui Cobalt Designs by Arcana Scents under the benevolent auspices of the Sun exalted in Aries.

Nui' review of Sun Exalted: Joy

In the bottle, it's a youthful confection of citrus and sunlight. Bright and sweet with the summertime freshness of sliced ginger root.

Wet on the skin, it's ripe orange spritzed over spun sugar and the golden sparkle of crystallized ginger.

Dry on the skin, it's decadent marmalade melting over pastries at afternoon tea.  

Energetic effect is notably uplifting and soothing, as sense of relief and openness.  

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