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Arcana: Venus Exalted: Grace

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Venus Exalted: Grace

An enchanted perfume to invoke great fortune, prosperity, divine blessings, and luck.

Bergamot-infused marshmallows with pistachio, vanilla bean, lemon, citron, white sugar, and green cognac absolute.

Handcrafted exclusively for Nui Cobalt Designs by Arcana Scents under the benevolent auspices of Venus exalted in Pisces.

Nui's review of Exalted Venus: Grace

In the bottle: An aperitif of simmered brown sugar swirled with East Indian spices.

Wet on skin:
A sweetened synergy of bergamot and pistachio, a bright and refreshing tropical melange.

Dry on skin:
The scent unfolds with a sparkling warmth that calls to mind a sunset on the ocean, complete with green flash.

Magickal/energetic effect:
Highly effective when used in preparation for important business engagements. Really impressive! Will definitely be a regular part of my prosperity spellwork, from now on.


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