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Arcana: Mars Exalted: Courage

  • 2100

A stalwart scent that kindles confidence and ignites the heroic spirit. It grants you a spine of steel and an iron will.

Crimson dragon's blood resin, smoked brown sugar accord, cinnamon, burning hemlock wood, black pepper, and fiery red musk.

Nui's Impressions:
In the bottle ~ Rich warm wood with a resinous sweetness and smooth Darkness. A subtle dusting of dry cocoa.

Wet on skin ~ Brightens into spiced orange zest with a heart of Maplewood and cinnamon bark.

After 20 min ~ Fine resins smoldering on glowing Embers. Comforting spiced Citrus in a comfy blanket of warm Cinnamon.

After 1 hr ~ Sweet simmering cinnamon without the burn. Just smiling comfort. And out comes the soft wood to pull it all together. An instant favorite!

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