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Arcana: Venus Exalted: Elegance

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Venus Exalted: Elegance 

An enchanted perfume to promote beauty, charm, wit, and attraction.

Milk accord, golden apples, rose petals, white musk, oat milk, a hint of sweet peppermint, and a drop of cardamom.

Handcrafted exclusively for Nui Cobalt Designs by Arcana Scents under the benevolent auspices of Venus exalted in Pisces.

Nui's review of Exalted Venus: Elegance

In the bottle:
Cold rain clinging to pure white roses with fresh-cut garden mint.

Wet on skin:
Glistening green leaves in midwinter. Smooth and bracing with the barest wisp of honeydew.

Dry on skin:
A youthful, distinctive rose. Clean and modern with piquant edges of vivid green.

Magickal/energetic effect:
Uplifting and enlivening, makes me want to stand up straighter and speak with more confidence.

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