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Arcana: Venus Exalted: Tenderness

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Venus Exalted: Tenderness

An enchanted perfume to invoke loving kindness, interpersonal accord, and emotional healing.

Sandalwood, high altitude French lavender, sheer vanilla, and soft cinnamon-laced chai spices.

Handcrafted exclusively for Nui Cobalt Designs by Arcana Scents under the benevolent auspices of Venus exalted in Pisces.

Nui's review of 
Venus Exalted: Tenderness

In the bottle:
A very gentle, smooth lavender with subtle spices. Instantly calming.

Wet on the skin:
The spice comes forward, sweet and comforting, like gingersnaps fresh from the oven. The lavender stays subtle and clean.

Dry on the skin:
Sandalwood emerges boldly and adds an air of sophistication. It unites the notes with a unique and impeccable harmony.

Magickal/energetic effect:
Instantly soothing, invoking the sense that all is well. My husband's not home to test its power to inspire affection, but my toddler and my cats are certainly being extra snuggly.

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