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King Cake Spell Soy Candle (2018)

King Cake Spell Soy Candle (2018)

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Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler! This decadent candle conjures an air of mirth and frivolity, lifting the spirits and dispelling negativity. It's an all-purpose Good Luck candle, attracting blessings from out of the blue. May it light your way to joy and great fortune for all of your days. Tahitian vanilla, East Indian spices, and caramelized Carribean rum.
Hidden within is one of four sterling silver charms: a flower for happiness, a leaf for growth, a wing for freedom, or a heart for love.

2018  scent.
4 oz scented soy wax container candle.

*please note: This candle is slightly smaller than our usual soy candles so that we may keep the cost consistent while including the sterling silver charm.

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