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The Crone's Crate (Full Year Subscription)

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A subscription service for the sophisticated Witch, filled with enchanted supplies and sundries to honor your own unique Magickal practice. We follow the Wheel of the Year and bring you eight artfully curated collections, one for each of the Witches' Sabbats. 

Your Crone's Crate will feature handcrafted talismans, tools, and supplies by Nui Cobalt Designs and our talented partners. Inside, you'll find fabulous items like exclusive spell candles, mojo bags, statuary, stones and crystals, ritual incense, tea, enchanted oils, and more.

Choose one Crate at a time, a six-month subscription of four Crates, or have a full year of Magick, all eight crates, delivered to your door. It's a subscription designed to suit your specific needs and support you on your individual path.

To ensure sufficient supply and timely delivery, subscription deadlines are 15 days prior to each Sabbat. Individual crates and subscriptions purchased after the posted deadline will be fulfilled on the following Sabbat.

Subscription deadline: January 15th
Expected delivery: January 30th

Ostara/Vernal Equinox
Subscription deadline: March 5th
Expected delivery: March 20th

Beltane/May Day
Subscription deadline: April 14th
Expected delivery: April 29th

Litha/Summer Solstice
Subscription deadline: June 4th
Expected delivery: June 19th

Subscription deadline: July 15th
Expected delivery: July 30th

Mabon/Autumnal Equinox
Subscription deadline: September 4th
Expected delivery: September 19th

Subscription deadline: October 14th
Expected delivery: October 29th

Yule/Winter Solstice
Subscription deadline: December 5th
Expected delivery: December 20th


* International orders may take longer to arrive than posted estimates.

Individual Boxes = $65  + standard shipping at checkout
Six month subscriptions/Four Crates = $250 with free shipping. Save $36!
One year subscription/Eight Crates = $495 with free shipping. Save $78!

Please note: Photos do not show actual subscription crate. They indicate the nature, variety, quality, and approximate size of upcoming crates. 

Shipping:  For orders with Crone's Crates and additional items, please see our shipping notes on our policy page.

Unboxing the Yule 2016 Crate!


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