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Orishas Sample Set

Orishas Sample Set

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A sample set of our entire Orishas collection:

The Orisha are spirits of West African origin, honored for generations in Ifa, Yoruba, Lukumi, Santeria, and to this day in New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions.

  • Ellegua: Master of the Crossroads with laughing eyes and the keys to every door. We honor you with rich dark chocolate, hot coffee, tobacco, coconut rum, and a touch of loamy earth.
  • Oya: Fierce lady of the storm, warrior, lover, and Mistress of the Marketplace. We honor you with sweet plums, red wine, whirling wind, dragon's blood and lightning.
  • Obatala: Gentle spirit of the cloud-covered peaks, clad in white cloth and crowned with tranquility. We honor you with cool coconut water, rice pudding, clean cotton, and mountain air.
  • Oshun: Dancing beauty of the cooling rains, youthful spirit of pleasure and romance. We honor you with sparkling sunlit spring water, pure honey, amber resin, wild orange, and a glass of champagne.
  • Yemaya: Mother Ocean, Protectress of Children and Guardian of the Home. We honor you with ocean air and sea foam richly sweetened with coconut, pound cake, and fresh watermelon.
  • Ogun: Mighty blacksmith and stern warrior, wielder of the machete and Father of Justice. We honor you with deep green woods, metal and mosses, plantain skins, pomegranate rind, and a double shot of gin.
  • Chango: Virile spirit of thunder, Master of Drumming and Dance, wielder of the double-headed axe, we honor you with lightning, dragon's blood, sweet red apples baked in cinnamon and served with a glass of white wine.
  • OchosiSpirit of the hunt, just and diligent patron of law, ethics, and truth, we honor you with the scent of verdant woods, sweet pears, tree-ripened bananas, delicate anisette and smooth tobacco. 

1 ml sample vials

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