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Romantic Sample Set

Romantic Sample Set

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A sample collection of our most popular love and lust blends:

  • Love: Intimacy in a bottle. A blend to enhance your natural magnetism and power to forge passionate connections. The softest sugared rose dances with resplendent spiced vanilla in flickering candle light.
  • Seduction: A sensual blend for enticement and attraction. Opulent flowers, piquant cloves, scarlet musk and potent hoodoo roots tangled in simmering vanilla.
  • Dark Mistress: An homage to the Dominant Feminine. Spiced red berries and stiletto steel swirled in Cabernet over a foundation of leather and mahogany musk. 
  • Peach Blossom: A playful attraction blend that encourages flirtation and affection. Luscious fruit, diaphanous petals, and the barest hint of skin-warmed patchouli. 
  • Sultry: A time-honored Hoodoo blend, famous for its power to attract passionate love as well as abundant wealth. Its scent is a dark, lascivious vanilla swirled with dragon's blood, heavy velvet musk and the secrets of an old rootworker's conjure cabinet.

1 ml sample vials

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