Twilight Alchemy Lab: Energy – Nui Cobalt Designs
Twilight Alchemy Lab: Energy - Nui Cobalt Designs

Twilight Alchemy Lab: Energy

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An invigorating, stimulating blend. Replenishes depleted energy stores, banishes fatigue. Extremely useful after intense ritual or prolonged spellwork.

Twilight Alchemy Lab is the fruit of a millennia of research, hands-on experimentation and investigation in the history, theory and practice of alchemy, the Hermetic Sciences, the art of rootwork and aromatherapy as it pertains to ritual, spirituality and low magick.  Each oil is hand-blended, has been ritually consecrated, is alchemically precise, and has been thoroughly tested for accuracy and efficiency.

All TAL products are created using the finest quality herbs, resins, oils, absolutes, and compounds. They contain no filler and no synthetic materials. This is a ritual oil, and is not intended for cosmetic use.

Twilight Alchemy Lab oils are for ritual use only. Though many possess lovely scents, they are not intended for cosmetic use. Please utilize these oils with caution and forethought. These oils are highly efficacious, and some of them (from the standpoint of ritual use) can be dangerous to the uninitiated. For this reason we can take no responsibility for any consequences that may occur because of their misuse. Where these oils are dual purpose, meant to be worn both as perfume and ritual aid, it is indicated in the oil description.

Twilight Alchemy Lab respects all faiths and spiritual paths without judgment, and provides the highest-quality product and impeccable service to all clients.

A bit of legal this-and-that: Twilight Alchemy Lab and its affiliates cannot, by law, make any claims to the effectiveness or “supernatural” quality of their products. All Twilight Alchemy Lab blends are sold as curios only, and any information given for their use is to be considered folklore. Please use caution and common sense at all times, and do not mishandle the oils or use them in any conceivably dangerous or irresponsible fashion. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to release Twilight Alchemy Lab and its affiliates from any responsibility for any unforeseen misuse of product on your behalf.

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