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One of a kind

In the Hero's Journey monomyth, success is marked by more than the defeat of the villain. The story is only truly resolved when our protagonist Returns with the Elixir. The trials and sacrifices of a great endeavor are made meaningful in the attainment of, wisdom, love, or personal evolution. These are the real treasures hard-won along the way.

Green amethyst, also known as prasiolite, is a powerful stone for soul-level healing. It forges a strong connection between the physically manifested self and its Divine spiritual counterpart. It facilitates forgiveness, release and complete freedom from past pain. Peridot clears away any resentment or sadness that may inhibit the experience of joy. It supports warmth, receptivity and restores emotional stability.

Elixir is handcrafted and charged as the sun enters Taurus. In the verdant fields of The Bull, solar force is expressed in health, regeneration, and the emergence of new life.

Wear this talisman to nourish the heart and resolve deep seated emotional issues. It provides excellent support in the process of grieving, therapy, shamanic healing or energy work.

18" Sterling Silver necklace

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