Testimonials – Nui Cobalt Designs


"You, dear lady, are so gifted it astounds even the expectant senses in the most delightful of ways. Thank you for sharing your gifts; you've blessed me. I read 5-10 astrologers weekly, at least 3 daily, you being one of them, so no flattery here -- your forecasts are basically never wrong! It is sensational. Bonus, you're a word wizard. It's a pleasure learning about the planets AND prose from your reports."

Lesli H


"Forest, finding your awesome boutique has been a true delight! <3 Your elegant and divinely handcrafted magickal beauties are treasures to me! It is a blessing to have them!  Receiving your packages felt like opening the best birthday presents ever! Big huge smiles and so much excitement! I love your most excellent Apothecary creations and also your sweet handwritten cards!

Special thanks for stocking Twilight Alchemy Lab's outstanding oils!!  Thank you dearly for Everything, You are a True Gem!! xoxo!"

TF, Tucson AZ


"Forest’s ‘flu shot’ blend is potent magic! I work as an aide to pre-K and Kindergarten children, and I have sons of my own. This Winter I have managed to stay healthy despite being sneezed and coughed on all day, every day – and it’s all thanks to this stuff. I use Bragg’s unfiltered ACV and follow the recipe as written. I love, love, love my talismans from NCD. Forest has a wonderful gift, and her creations are truly special. From Styx, which protects my home, to the bracelets I wear daily for their supportive energies, my talismans feel like old friends and I am grateful to have them. It is such a pleasure to open packages from NCD, too, because everything is carefully wrapped and Forest always includes such thoughtful touches as handwritten thank-you notes, polished stones, and other lovely lagniappe. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences buying from Nui Cobalt Designs. If a talisman calls to you, do not hesitate!"

- Jennifer L.
Manchester, NH


"I just wanted to say thank you, I love Sovereign and it has been lovely to me so far!  Thank you for making your magical work available."

- Laura T.
Stephens City, VA


"I received your package today safely and soundly.  Thanks so much! I really appreciate my work and interactions with you - I've been on such a mind blowing personal and transformative journey, and you've been a part of that for me, so thank you!"

- TB
Pacific Palisades, CA


"Thanks for the super fast shipping.  The necklaces are wonderful. I've wanted one from you since I saw them ... and I'm so glad I did!"

- Susan B.
Bronx, NY


"Believe it or not, after you introduced the love spell ... I did it and I have been in the most amazing relationship since. You are talented."

- AS
Los Angeles, CA


"Might you have time to make another pen talisman?  You have created something wonderful with this one.  My poetry manuscript is coming out amazingly well.  I've already had a excerpt published.  Thank you for your good work and help."

- RA
Hollywood, CA


"Been meaning to thank you for the wonderful jewelry!  I am really impressed! I kept the Metamorphosis necklace for myself and have been enjoying it all week ... It was really quite nice to know you put so much of yourself into this piece.  You're talented!"

- Lisa P.
Los Angeles, CA


"I received my goodies!!  Thank you so much for your genius talents!  I could feel the energy of the talisman working because I felt the toxic energy dissipate, it was so cool!!  And thank you for the Uncrossing powder ... It was so weird because I felt like you read my mind! Thank you again Forest!!"

- Pamela S.
Santa Monica, CA


"I saw the Metamorphis necklace and it so spoke to me. I knew I had to have it. And scared that if I waited it would be gone --- I took the plunge and gifted myself with that little beauty. It was shipped quickly and the minute it arrived, I put it on. I know it sounds crazy --- but I instantly felt ... I dunno ... Calmer? More serene? And then, less than one hour later, I booked a really great acting job. The first one I'd booked in over a year! Yes, the jewelry is beautiful --- but the astrological blessings that come with them are truly magical. If you see something that speaks to you and you are hesitating --- I highly suggest that you just go for it and make one of these talismans your own. I am so so happy that I did. Thank you, Forest!"

- Susan S.
Sherman Oaks, CA


"... the talisman Forest made for me before I went to Germany to play at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2012 ... so I could walk on stage with no fear, with total confidence. I have worn it every show since then, and some of those have been pretty big; opening for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Covenant, and Combichrist, along with our own album release show."

- Ed Korn of Gentleman Junkie
Los Angeles, CA

"Early on, I found The Grey Lady's influences affected my communication most effectively during work hours, especially on days when I was under scrutiny in the work place. I received The Grey Lady right before Mercury retrograded through Scorpio (which, I was sure was going to hit my 4th house HARD). I knew, due to family circumstances, I was going to need as much help as I could find to communicate with those around me, not only because it was an already heightened emotional time for me but that communication issues would be amplified by the retrograde. Most recently, I believe her influences have helped me connect with my family in positive and healing ways. I love wearing her and she has become a daily item I never leave the house without."

- Denise T.
Porter Ranch, CA