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Fae Folk and Otherworldly Beings 2022

~ Banshee ~
In Celtic folklore this wailing woman of the Otherworld is a messenger of imminent death. Her cries echo the sacred tradition of Keening to mourn the passing of a loved one.
Primrose over rain-soaked soil, emerald moss, ancient oakwood, mountain gorse, and lamb’s wool accord.
Wear this phantasmic potion in times of grief that it may heal your heart and free you from sorrow.

~ Lamia ~
A mighty Queen of Libya cursed by jealous gods to feed forever upon the blood of mortals.
Smoldering dragon’s blood resin, scarlet musk, ginger-spiced honey, black tonka, ylang ylang, apricot skin, and patchouli.
Wear this seductive scent to attract lovers, or to hold sway over people in power.

~ Gnome ~
The Scandinavian little people who tend to their respective aspects of Nature, or the elemental spirit of Earth according to Paracelsus.
Vetiver root reaching deep through fertile soil, deerhide accord, blackest oudh, guaiac wood, aged oak, and cold grey stone.
Wear this scent for grounding, stability, and to encourage growth of earthly wealth.

~ Medusa ~
The Gorgon Queen of ancient Greek mythology, the wisest and only mortal among her sisters, whose gaze turned men to stone.
A subterranean fougere with green leather, black walnut, coconut husks, Persian lime, and wisps of sacrificial incense.
Wear for renewed strength and divine protection.

~ Euryale ~
The fearsome Gorgon sister whose name means “she who leaps, or steps widely.”
Wild violet, ancient mahogany, soft black suede, smoldering myrrh, blackcurrant, and clove.
Wear this scent to overcome obstacles and eliminate obstructions.

~ Sthenno ~
Eldest of the Gorgon sisters whose name means “the mighty one.”
Nag champa, oudh, patchouli, Egyptian musk, fresh fig, Malbec wine, bronzed suede, and a pinch of ginger root.
Wear this scent to call forth your power and tap your deepest reserves of energy.

~ Sphinx ~
A formidable creature of great wisdom and ferocity.
Golden plum preserves, amber resin, warm santal, guaiac wood, frankincense, and a slender twist of yellow mandarin.
Wear this enchanted scent to sharpen the mind, make muddled thoughts clear, and quicken the wit.

~ Rusalka ~
The vengeful Slavic river spirit who drowns any man who brings harm to a woman.
The brisk scent of salty tears and ambergris accord, sacred benzoin, blue lotus, gently smoldering birchwood, and iced white tea.
Wear this bracing aquatic to invoke the powers of Justice and Equity, keeping them close as protective guardians.
A percentage of all profits from this scent will go to support Ukrainian people and families displaced by the current Russian invasion.

Sample sets: We will have a full set of 5 new Fae scent samples, and a set of our 3 new Gorgons. Sample vials hold 1.25 ml.

Plus returning favorites from past collections:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Bakeneko ~
The shapeshifter cats of Japan whose appetite for human blood belies a protective love of their guardians. When one's keeper meets a wrongful death, tales describe the Bakeneko’s sophisticated venture of intrigue and revenge. Spiced plum wine, molten caramel, blood orange marmalade, crimson musk, and warm fur accord. Wear for fierce protection and loyalty.

~ Feu Follet ~
he Cajun version of Will o' the Wisp, a luminous inhabitant of swamps and marshlands who's said to lure travelers to a watery grave. Sultry southern magnolia, wild muscadine, creamy honeysuckle, and Spanish moss clinging to the trees.

~ Gargoyle ~
Mysterious sculptural denizens of Gothic architecture said to offer fierce protection or dire warning. Rain-drenched lavender, cathedral incense, beeswax candles, and ancient stone. Wear as an energetic shield against all misfortune and malefaction.

~ Gryphon ~
An ancient, abiding symbol of courage and nobility across many cultures, this chimera has the head and wings of an eagle with the body of a lion. Top notes of fresh ginger, hinoki, and white grapefruit, a glowing heart of sandalwood incense, saffron, and hay, with a base of bronze musk, sun-warmed suede, and rich benzoin. Wear to invoke the indomitable spirit of honor, strength, and integrity.

~ Kelpie ~
The fearsome trixter of the Scottish countryside who transforms into a seductive woman or a beautiful horse in order to drown its prey. Warm brown leather and hay, twisted driftwood, ancient oak, ambergris accord, and sea foam.

~ Kitsune ~
Folklore of Japan describes a Fox Spirit who transforms into a beautiful woman in order to seduce humans. In fox form, Kitsune acquire additional tails as they grow older and wiser, until finally having sprouted a ninth tail, they ascend to the rank of Shinto deity. Peach blossom, yuzu, wisteria, sandalwood incense, and silk. Wear for calm and peace of mind. It’s an excellent choice for restful, restorative sleep.

~ Kodama ~
Forest spirits of Japan who protect the trees and curse those foolish enough to cut them down. Legend has it that an echo heard in the deepest woods is in fact the voice of Kodama. Rolling expanses of bright, pillowy moss, slender evergreen limbs, the sweet decay of fallen wood, deer musk accord, and a small offering dish of honeyed peaches. Wear for gentle shielding and calm comfort.

~ Lampade ~
The lantern-bearing attendants of the goddess, Hekate. Blackest patchouli, smoldering myrrh, unripened fig, libations of honey consumed in fire and smoke.

~ Merfolk ~
Their stories range across cultures and over centuries from lovelorn beauties to treacherous fiends. They may sing a sailor into madness or rescue a mortal from drowning. This perfume portrait attempts to capture the Merfolk, unbothered by humans, in a peaceful moment off the Mediterranean coast at sunset. The mineral scent of sand, salt, and shells upon the mist, ambergris accord, turquoise musk, warm orris, olive trees, and neroli. Wear to release tension and dissolve stress.

~ Pixie ~
The wing'ed Fae folk of Cornwall and Devon. An apple orchard in bloom, spring grasses alive with some unearthly glow, vanilla bean offertory cakes and sparkling honey mead.

~ Sylph ~
The elemental spirit of Air in Paracelsus’s cosmology. Windblown linen, fresh lavender, leaves of lemon verbena, linden blossom, and pale translucent amber. Wear to invoke the aid of this spirit, to sharpen perception, and amplify eloquence.

~ Valkyrie ~
They who choose the slain. The fierce goddesses who turn the tides or war and elevate fallen heroes to the halls of Odin and Freya. Fossilized amber, effervescent honey mead, well-worn leather and cold steel. Wear to honor these formidable deities, to call forth your courage, and gain favor in disputes.

Critters 2022

~ Great Eared Nightjar ~
A deeply resinous scent to root you firmly in your power.
Labdanum, sweet myrrh, pipe tobacco, guaiac wood, dragon’s blood, blackcurrant, and santal. Wear for an effortless sense of stability and self-confidence.

~ Black-Capped Chickadee ~
A vibrant melange to refresh the mind and expand perspective.
Dogwood saplings, cedar resin, the tang of young stone fruits: still tiny and green, sugar maple, pine nuts, and barely-thawed soil.
Wear for keen insight and mental clarity. It illuminates key details that often go unnoticed.

~ Sugar Glider ~
A gentle blend to guide you toward good friends and kindred spirits.
Raw cotton, sugar cane, flannel flower, macadamia nut, pearblossom, palest musk, and dandelion puff.
Wear to attract compassionate people and nourish lasting connections.

~ Siberian Tiger ~
An elegant balance of warm and cool, light and dark, strength and tenderness.
It announces its presence with the salty roasted corn scent of mighty paws, then mellows into white sandalwood, sweet oudh, balsam fir resin, gorgeous golden musk, and a trace of blue lotus.
Wear to call upon the fiercely loving protection of your guides and allies in spirit.

~ Elf Owl ~
A bright concoction of liatrix, yellow sandalwood, beach-tumbled teak, solar musk, crushed coriander, and a scant pinch of pale cinnamon.
Wear to pierce the gloom, brighten the mood, and lift the spirits

~ Opossum ~
A bold nocturnal potion of Hatian amyris, soft black suede, red patchouli, freshly-turned earth, copal resin, and Peru balsam.
Wear to sharpen your instincts, heighten intuition, and trust your gut.

~ Glasswing Butterfly ~
A diaphanous veil of coconut water, elderflower, moonlit gardenia, silver musk, green lavender, and a slender twist of lime.
Wear to perceive the Other realms. It can serve to enhance dream magic, trance work, and meditation.

~ Little White Rabbit ~
A chic, contemporary twist on our beloved Little Brown Rabbit.
Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against cottonflower, white peppercorn, clove, vanilla marshmallow creme, pale blue cashmere, carrot seed, and honeyed almond.
Wear for cool confidence, grace, and poise.

Plus returning favorites from past collections:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Black Mamba ~
A collaborative blend inspired by the illustrious Adele Tantalo of Ophidian Grove. Ethiopian frankincense, acacia wood, golden savannah grasses, jackal berry, coriander, and agarwood. Wear this warm scent to remember your power, conjure your courage, and stand up to those who would make the fatal mistake of mistreating you.

~ Black Squirrel ~
A playful blend of almond and spiced apricot, grounded in rich benzoin and copaiba balsam, deepened by black oak, black currant, vanilla bean, and myrrh.

~ Blossom Bat ~
A buoyant scent for foresight and strategic thinking. Humid rainforest blossoms laden with nectar, dense moss, passionfruit, black fig, and bamboo. Wear to dodge predicaments and navigate complexities with effortless grace.

~ Copper Fox ~
A shrewd blend for wit, resourcefulness, and acumen. Warm chai with steamed almond milk nestled in sumptuous cashmere, crimson musk, sarsaparilla, and budding birch.

~ Eastern Chipmunk ~
A sweet scent for stability, comfort, and to attract earthly delights. Pecans and pistachios with Moroccan spiced coffee, black fig preserves, and roasted marshmallow. Wear when you need to gather resources and optimize your abundance.

~ Fennec Fox ~
This sparkling scent conjures warm winds and sunlit dunes. Blush sandalwood, amber resin, antique Egyptian cotton touched with saffron, spiced peach preserves, and sweet cedar resin. Wear to prioritize joy and ignite your sense of play.

~ Flying Squirrel ~
A playful blend to amplify your natural talents and keep you adaptable.
Raw almond, spiced apricot, and rich benzoin borne aloft by lavender, cotton flower, and tart kumquat. Wear when you need to be quick witted, fast on your feet, and resourceful.

~ Grey Squirrel ~
A playful blend of almond and spiced apricot, grounded in rich benzoin and copaiba balsam, softened with cotton flower, cashmere, and teakwood.

~ Little Brown Rabbit ~
An auspicious blend for abundance and great good fortune. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, pink pepper, and a trace of carrot seed.

~ Orchid Mantis ~
This seductive scent is a true master of disguise. Ripe Philippine mango, dragon fruit, tamarind, Indonesian teak, clove bud, sandalwood, tuberose, and a touch of ylang. Wear to reveal your many facets of sweetness and ferocity.

~ Red Squirrel ~
A playful blend of almond and spiced apricot, grounded in rich benzoin and copaiba balsam, warmed with red musk, red sandalwood, and smoldering amber.

~ River Otter ~
A scent that manages to be at once sleek and cuddly. Languid amber accents dark patchouli and sandalwood with Peru balsam and teak while balancing the playful sweetness of homemade maple fudge. Wear when you feel like a nice long snuggle.

~ Silver Fox ~
An elegant blend for charm, poise and decorum.
White tea with honey and rice milk, almond macaron, soft grey cashmere and cool woodland musk. Wear when you must put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.

~ Spring Peeper ~
A dynamic blend to wake you up gently and sustain your energy. Warm ginger with saffron, cardamom, coriander, and nutmeg sprinkled over unripe fig and yellow mandarin with a base of mossy mahogany. Wear to stay balanced, focused, and adaptable.

~ White Squirrel ~
A playful blend of almond and spiced apricot, grounded in rich benzoin and copaiba balsam, cooled with aloe, white musk, and smooth white amber.

~ White-Tailed Deer ~
A blend for peace, tranquility, and bountiful blessings. Soft brown suede, golden musk, wild forest berries, and roasted chestnuts dusted with maple sugar.

April Fools 2022

~ Hornswoggle: Apple Fritter ~
The warm simplicity of slow-baked apple, deep fried dough, and spiced brown sugar glaze. Wear to maintain comfort and calm in the presence of sneaky swindlers.

~ Wool Over Your Eyes: Rice Pudding ~
A delicate blend of fluffy jasmine rice, precious saffron, vanilla-infused sugar, almond milk, nutmeg, cardamom, and a scant sprinkle of cinnamon. Wear for a sense of ease and elegance no matter what you may encounter.

~ Des Bobards: Almond Croissant ~
The crown jewel of the patisserie, the perfect harmony of savory and sweet. Weightless layers of warm buttery bread embrace an impeccable almond frangipane. Wear to restore your equilibrium and shrug off petty nuisances.

~ Tall Tales: Carrot Cake ~
The ridiculously authentic scent of home made carrot cake spiced with nutmeg and ginger, dotted with rum-soaked raisins, and crowned with decadent cream cheese frosting. Wear for grounding and stability through all of life’s curveballs.

~ Bluffing: Bananas Foster ~
An indulgent potion of perfectly ripe bananas sauteed in molten brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and Caribbean rum, served over vanilla ice cream. Wear to thwart any would-be deceiver and always stay one step ahead.

~ Fibbing: Coconut Cream Pie ~
A luxuriant confection of tender coconut baked in rich vanilla custard with a toasted almond crust. Wear to cast off the energetic dross of liars and malefactors.

~ Prevaricating: Lychee Rose Gelee ~
A lovely bouquet of tart lychee, sugared rose, and a sprinkle of lime zest. Wear to lighten the mood and shield your energy.

Sample sets: We will have a full set of all 7 new April Fools scents in 1ml vials.

Plus returning favorites from past collections:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Balderdash: Cherries Jubilee ~
An ebullient scent to lift your mood when the bastards try to get you down. Jewel-bright Montmorency cherries poached in brandy and drizzled while warm over vanilla ice cream.

~ Bamboozle: Baklava ~
A sweet scent for hope and optimism. Diaphanous layers of flaky, golden pastry, toasted pistachio, roasted chestnut, crushed almond, and a generous drizzle of spring harvest honey. Wear to banish discouragement and brighten dispositions.

~ Blarney: Irish Breakfast Tea ~
A bracing scent to steel your nerves and keep you calm in the face of mendacity.
The warm, tannic comfort of a proper Cuppa sweetened with a touch of raw honey and smoothed with fresh cream.

~ Canard: Fresh Lime Sorbet ~
Gorgeous Persian limes plucked straight from the tree and blended with ice, vanilla simple syrup, and grated stem ginger. It is served in a fine crystal compote garnished with fresh mint, a slice of cucumber, and a slender sprig of rosemary. Wear to cleanse the proverbial palate of all negative energy. It’s particularly helpful when recovering from interpersonal conflict.

~ Flim Flam: Mango & Sticky Rice ~
A beautifully balanced concoction to ease anxiety and calm the mind. Lush Philippine mango with steamed sticky rice and a decadent drizzle of coconut syrup. Wear to settle down, center yourself, and see with clarity.

~ Hoodwink: Thai Iced Tea ~
A soothing scent for rest and replenishment. A tall glass of Thai iced tea sweetened with Tupelo honey and swirled with vanilla rice milk. Wear for relaxation and to get a good night’s sleep.

~ Horsefeathers 2021: Raspberry Arctic Roll ~
A sumptuous scent to help you keep your cool when people try to pull the wool over your eyes. Vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in a blanket of yellow sponge cake and a layer of vibrant red raspberry jam.

~ Humbuggery: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake ~
An uplifting scent to keep you impervious to deception and shielded from malice. A delicious juxtaposition of tang and sweetness, caramelized pineapple, coconut cream, toasted hazelnut crust and baked brown sugar.

~ Kazzate: Tiramisu ~
The beloved Italian classic: golden vanilla lady-fingers infused with espresso and Marsala wine, then layered with sweet mascarpone, and finished with a fine dusting of cocoa. Wear when you need to slow down and restore calm. It’s a uniquely grounding and stabilizing blend.

~ Malarkey: Bread & Butter Pudding ~
A comforting scent to ease your mind and sooth your nerves after dealing with dishonest people. Twice-baked slices of soft white bread, salted butter, rich vanilla custard with a modest sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon.

~ Pish-Tosh: Passionfruit Custard Tart ~
A bright, tropical tang complements smooth vanilla custard cradled in classical shortbread crust.
Wear for protection against interpersonal drama and discord. It instantly conjures a sunnier disposition and enchants any room with the spirit of levity.

~ Poppycock 2021: Lemon Meringue Pie ~
A bright fragrance to banish confusion and illuminate the whole truth. Frothy citrus sweetness in a toasted almond crust, with white vanilla peaks gently browned under a blowtorch.

~ Preposterous! Strawberry Shortcake ~
Sun-ripened strawberries are sliced fresh over soft vanilla cake and topped with a scant teaspoon of whipped cream. Wear to dispel stress and anxiety. It serves to ease the mind and soothe the spirit.

~ Shenanigans: German Schichttorte ~
A richly sensual blend for grounding and stabilizing. A sumptuous confection of layered yellow cake touched with lemon zest and rum, glazed with apricot, and finished with a cloak of dark chocolate. Wear when you need to stay present and focused on the here-and-now.

~ Sophistry: Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade ~
A refreshingly tart aroma to wake you up and get you going. Chilled sparkling lemonade infused with elderflower blossoms, thinly sliced cucumber, and a pinch of grated ginger root. Wear to guard against fatigue and burnout.

**Last chance!**
The following Archive Scents will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available.

~ Codswallop: Spotted Dick ~
A grounding and stabilizing scent to keep you rooted in reality when people attempt to gaslight you. A dense and delicious brown cake adorned with raisins, sultanas, and dried blackcurrants.

~ Flummery: Highland Flummery ~
A truly delicious scent to help you gain perspective when people try to twist the truth. Highland Flummery: toasted oats and warm heather honey folded gently into whipped cream and drizzled with a shot of Drambuie.

~ Hogwash: Shrewsbury Cake ~
An elegant fragrance to keep you poised and polished when people try to throw you off balance. Shrewsbury Cake: simple, delicate, soft-baked butter biscuits (cookies to you American folk) scented with rose water and a scant pinch of lemon zest.

~ Hokum: Blueberry Cobbler ~
The welcome simplicity of garden-grown blueberries baked under oatmeal cinnamon streusel. Wear to cut through confabulations and intrigue to reveal the very heart of the matter.

~ Roguery Original and Roguery 2021: Kouign Amann ~
A tres chic scent to remind you of your effortless intrinsic fabulousness. Light and elegant puff pastry that takes the simplicity of buttered sugar rolls to the height of sophistication. Wear for a boost of confidence, comfort, and radiant self-esteem.


Bees 2022 & Nui's Favorite Things

~ Bee Kind to Yourself ~
A tender potion for self-care, soothing, and gentle replenishment.
White copal, blooming peony, honeyed tea, pink amber, and sheer summer-weight cashmere.
Anoint your pulse points to ease tension and cultivate calm.
Creative credit and gratitude to the lovely K.M.V. who proposed this scent concept via Reddit’s Indie Makeup & More forum.

~ Witches' Apiary ~
A mysterious amalgam for potent spellcraft.
Peru balsam, almond shells, mahogany, olive wood, and dark, viscous honey conjured from the blossoms of blackberry brambles.
Wear during ritual to amplify your power and aid the fulfillment of wishes.

~ Dancing Bee ~
An ingenious infusion for foresight, guidance, and support in navigating your unique path.
Peach trees barely budding, dewy white violet, honeysuckle, angelica and orris roots, frankincense, allspice, and spring harvest honey.
Wear to banish brain fog, sharpen perception, and regain your sense of direction.

~ Ancient Apiary ~
Sleeping Beauty must have had hives of royal bees. And as the palace slumbered o’er a century, they must have floated among the thorns, unceasing in their art, undisturbed by the usual clamor of the court. This is the scent of that tiny Queendom that lived in perfect peace for 100 years.
Deadfall draped in oakmoss, wild pink roses, honeycomb bursting from frail brood boxes and pouring gold from every cell.
Wear this scent to align with the wild and unyielding spirit of Nature.  

~ Hive in the Wild ~
The scent of the Appalachian woods in late April.
Budding maple trees beside a swift stream, snowdrops nodding over vernal pools, and dewy dogwoods offer a trove of nectar to fill a fledgeling hive.
Wear this verdant blend for a fresh start, to work your own alchemy and begin anew.

~ None of Your Beeswax ~
A stalwart potion for protection.
Thorny brambles of blackberry, elderflower, violet, fennel seed, sacred benzoin, and unfiltered honey.
Use in spells of warding, and wear to shield yourself from misfortune.

~ Like Bees to Honey ~
An elegant attraction blend that yields abundant blessings.
Four fabulous vanillas swirled with Tupelo honey, mangosteen, saffron, pink grapefruit, Egyptian musk, ivory amber, cardamom, Grains of Paradise, and Queen Elizabeth root.
Wear to enhance your allure and inspire affection.

10 Year Anniversary: Nui’s Favorite Things

~ Breakfast ~
‘Nuff said.
Buttered blueberry pancakes with Vermont maple syrup, warm cinnamon rolls, fresh squeezed orange juice, steamy black tea, and toasted almond croissants.

~ Goth Club ~
It was the Darkness that was dancing; I just rode its wake.
Fog machine, clove cigarettes, sweet patchouli, skin-warmed leather, smoldering myrrh, cabernet, scarlet musk, and the well-worn wood of the dance floor.

~ Excelsior! ~
Stories of magic and mystery, of heroes and hope restored, of misfits and outcasts becoming the very light they quested for.
The scent of radioactive spider venom, coconut metal, Earl Grey, hot, and an origami unicorn drowned in starlight.

~ Parisian Pink ~
My other favorite color.
Peony petals, a suede settee, osmanthus, silk tree, spun sugar, Margaret Merril roses, pink grapefruit, and antique sandalwood.

~ Witchy Shoppe ~
You can feel it as soon as you walk in the door. You can tell when it's the real deal, because it feels like you’ve come home.
Oakmoss, copal smoke, Nag Champa, frankincense, Tibetan cedarwood, tonka bean, black walnut, clove bud, Egyptian musk, an unobtrusive trace of sage, and a pinch of graveyard dirt.

~ Blanket Fort ~
Comfort. Cuddles. My fur babies and my fur-less baby are often burrowed in their fluffy caves. I feel very loved when they ask me to join them.
Cotton flower, grey suede, warm amber, green fig, tumbled teakwood, and raw vanilla bean.

~ Sun Room ~
A dream of mine is to have a room with perpetually perfect humidity, floor to ceiling windows, and way too many plants. I imagine it would smell like stepping into a florist’s fridge, or the tropical plants section of the nursery. So that’s the picture I strove to paint, here.
Persian lime, styrax, damp moss, Hawaiian sandalwood, Peru balsam, rain and green patchouli.

Plus returning favorites from past Bees collections:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Bee in Your Bonnet ~
"Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind." - James Russell Lowell
A piquant blend to enliven the mind and stir the senses. Raw rhubarb and cardamom with toasted oats, Madagascar vanilla, ginger ale, and caramelized honey. Wear for support in any intellectual effort to stay sharp and alleviate brain fog.

~ Bees Love Blue ~
Among the more fascinating aspects of the Apian world is the enhanced ability to see colors in the azure to ultraviolet range. These hues are the most rare to occur in flowers, but when they do, they indicate an area’s high level of plant-pollinator fitness and resilience. This elegant floral perfume pays homage to that harmony of mutual attraction and symbiosis.
Forget-me-not blossoms, imperial iris, blue lotus, delphinium, dwarf lilac, and hidcote lavender on a cloud of whipped white honey. Wear to make new connections, nurture friendships, and enrich existing partnerships.

~ Bees on the Bayou 2022 ~
"Every saint has a bee in his halo." - Elbert Hubbard
A dark, seductive blend for a sultry southern evening. Vines heavy with honeysuckle entwined with Easter lily, linden blossom, and neroli over a sweet foundation of pipe tobacco, pralines, and creamed honey. Wear to inspire lust and longing in the objects of your desire.

~ The Bees' Cotillion ~
So fancy! This ebullient blend evokes mirth and merriment to highlight your most endearing qualities. Succulent pears simmering in spring honey with the gentlest breeze of lily carried in a homespun infusion of honeysuckle flowers.

~ The Bees' High Tea ~
An uplifting blend to forge lasting connections and cultivate friendships. Delicate vanilla cakes with rose petal preserves, elderflower wine, and Earl Grey tea with a dainty drop of spring harvest honey.

~ Birch Better Have My Honey ~
A sweet take on a traditional folk magic blend for swift payment and lasting prosperity. Whole raw honeycomb infused with dragon’s blood resin, cinnamon, bayberry bark, crushed coriander, nutmeg, black walnut, ginger root, and a subtle touch of birch bark. Wear to attract abundant wealth, improved compensation, and appreciation. It’s especially handy in removing financial obstacles and impediments.

~ The Birds and the Bees ~
A very sexy fragrance of dark amber resin, Moroccan musk, ruby red and bright white grapefruits, a spike of black clove and a swirl of summer honey. Wear this sensual perfume to inspire passion and kindle romance.

~ Black Honey ~
“To be successful, one has to be one of three bees - the queen bee, the hardest working bee, or the bee that does not fit in.” - Suzy Kassem
An offbeat Gothic blend for true renegades and revolutionaries. Autumn harvest honey, nutmeg, clove, roasted cocoa, molasses, birch bark, star anise, and oud. Wear when you're ready to shake things up and ditch the comfort zone.

~ Busy Bee ~
A piquant potion for swift and efficient productivity. A blend of Oolong and Tibetan black tea with peach blossom honey, cardamom, and clove, sharpened with pink peppercorn and dry oakwood. Wear this scent for improved focus, diligence, and motivation.

~ Emotional Support Bee ~
A hug in a bottle.Ivory-blush rose petals, orange blossom honey, apple blossoms, melissa leaf, silken shea, sacred benzoin, and just a hint of calming clary sage. Wear to ease all manner of heartache and soothe away sadness. It supports the gentle processing of grief and the swift return to contentment.

~ Hive Mind ~
A blend to bring people together, inspire synergy and build alliances. Delicate osmanthus blooming in an apricot orchard with spring harvest honey, toasted oats, and sweet fig preserves.

~ Napping in a Flower ~
As they go about their days, bees are sometimes known to fall asleep inside the blossoms from which they take their nectar. Few things are cuter than a fuzzy little bee booty poking out of the petals with their tiny snoring snoots full of pollen.
Tender ripe apricot, Bulgarian lavender, spiced summer honey, plum blossom, daylily, honeysuckle, and ylang. Wear this relaxing scent to unwind and decompress. It’s particularly supportive of deep and rejuvenating sleep.

~ Queen Bee ~
An opulent blend to evoke confidence, poise, and effortless grace. Creamy white gardenia and fluffy whipped honey.Many thanks to all of the creative minds who assisted in the creation of this scent, especially Hanne Starwarz and Genevieve.

~ She Stopped to Pet a Bumblebee ~
"Last night as I was sleeping, I dreamt --
O, marvelous error --
That there was a beehive here inside my heart
And the golden bees were making white combs
And sweet honey from all my failures." - Antonio Machado
An ode to the living spirit of compassion. Cocoa butter and shea, cotton flower, silk tree, apple blossom, wildflower honey, bee balm, and heliotrope. Wear this scent to conjure an atmosphere of loving kindness and receptivity.

~ Tell the Bees ~
In western European folklore, a family who keeps bees must inform the hive of important news: weddings, births, deaths, or any event that one might relate as a matter of course to the rest of one’s kin. To leave the bees out of the loop was a grave disrespect and could result in their leaving the hive or even perishing. This enchanted scent facilitates clear communication between those of us who occupy the material plane, and even with those in the realm of Spirit.
Flourishing vines of plump green grapes, light golden honey drizzled into black tea, Australian sandalwood, lime zest, fresh rosemary, and a mystic infusion of mugwort, acacia, and vetiver. Anoint your pulse points prior to meditation or prayer. It has a particular talent for opening channels to speak with Divine Guides and the Dearly Departed.

And returning favorites from our past Celtic Lore Collections:

~ Cait Sidhe ~
An homage to the Fairy Cats of Celtic lore. Velvety tonka and myrrh set the stage for a midnight melange of blackberry, black currant, boysenberry, and tart cherry. Honeyed oats soften the blend and a wisp of dragon's blood boosts its magickal potency.

~ Frost on the Whiskey ~
A convivial blend to inspire new friendship, nurture connection or heal strained relationships. Aged bourbon, woodsmoke and well-worn leather rooted in myrrh with a hint of vetiver. This scent was named and inspired by my dear friend and colleague, James Seamus Dillard of The Magical Druid.

~ Liquid Luck ~
Made with wild-harvested four-leaf clovers, this potion confers great good fortune upon its wearer. A gorgeously green bouquet of night air and dewy grass, charmed galbanum and benzoin, Irish moss, carrot seed, living shamrock and freshly turned earth.
This enchanted scent was made with the help of the fabulous Coldie Armstrong, who generously contributed her own four-leaf clovers.

**Last chance!**
The following Archive Scents will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available.

~ Bees on the Bayou ~
"Every saint has a bee in his halo." - Elbert Hubbard
A dark, seductive blend for a sultry southern evening. Vines heavy with honeysuckle entwined with Easter lily, linden blossom, and neroli over a sweet foundation of pipe tobacco, pralines, and creamed honey. Wear to inspire lust and longing in the objects of your desire.

~ Home Sweet Hive ~
“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don't they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” - Ray Bradbury
A comforting blend for calm contentment. Bulgarian lavender, oatstraw, honey-roasted chestnuts, maple sugar and a scant pinch of lemon zest. Wear for grounding, centering, and to carry sacred space wherever you go.

~ Honeymoon Suite ~
A tour of exquisite indulgences on sunlit shores.
Santorini olivewood, Caribbean teak, St. Simons peach groves, and 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets with traces of tuberose, sea glass, and wild honey. Wear to escape the mundane and dwell in dreams of luxury. It’s most helpful potion for easing anxiety and breaking negative thought patterns.

~ Hornet Whisperer ~
A dear friend recently told me of her unique talent for shepherding the more aggressive varieties of stinging insects. She has the ability to guide them gently out of buildings, unscathed. She has moved and emptied bird feeders where they were swarming without a single sting. Her story inspired me to brew a potion for working with potentially volatile energies and spirits. I wanted it to be a source of support for when you’ve just got to dance with your demons and lean into the Left-Hand side of your magic.
Ripe plums, pomegranate, blackcurrant, and elderberry simmered in Merlot wine with Madagascar vanilla bean and a single bay leaf. Offertory incense of patchouli, myrrh, and syrupy pipe tobacco. Adorn yourself in this dusky perfume to honor your Shadow and invoke your sacred ferocity.

~ Swarm ~
"Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it, so it goes on flying anyway." - Mary Kay Ash
This delightful blend inspires hope, attracts allies, and nourishes friendship. A honey-drizzled blueberry tart bejewelled with candied apricot in a toasted almond crust. Wear for connection, collaboration, and encouragement.

~ Wasp ~
An austere balsamic blend for when you need to clean up and get organized. Fresh linen, crisp chardonnay, and a rain-quenched herb garden edged with impeccable boxwood topiaries.

~ Danu ~
Where the sea meets the sky, where the stormwaters return along the sun's rays, the loving kindness of the Universal Mother in her Celtic aspect. A luminous moon-white floral meets an iridescent aquatic.Three tender lotuses,Tahitian monoi, slender bamboo stalks, tuberose, and a soothing cup of tea.



Valentines and Epithets of Aphrodite 2022

~ Kosmemophilia: the Love of Jewels ~
The glint of precious ruby, amethyst, and emerald enthroned in an antique mahogany chest.
Purple plums, heliotrope blooms, aged Baltic amber, golden musk, deep mahogany wood, and a splash of Grand Marnier.
Wear to attract opulent wealth and luxury.

~ Hybristophilia: the Love of Crime ~
This is the scent that the Devil's personal stylist would conjure.
Ebon cashmere, guaiac wood, storax, myrrh, syrupy vanilla pipe tobacco, a whisper of grey suede, and a trace of green lavender.    
Wear when you want to be led into temptation.

~ Ophidiophilia: the Love of Snakes ~
An elegant predator slithers through shifting sands and tastes the desert wind.
Pink sandalwood, Saharan musk, copaiba balsam, shea butter, dried fig, pale patchouli, and soft tawny suede.
Wear for perfect timing, to strike swiftly and seize opportunity.

~ Equinophilia: the Love of Horses ~
A magnificent creature of effortless grace and power.
Toasted oats, green and golden hay, living cedar, deep auburn musk, chestnuts, corn silk, saddle leather, and galbanum.
Wear to invoke your own sense of majesty, and to reclaim your poise and dignity.

~ Mnemophilia: the Love of Memory ~
Old chests filled with sepia photographs, a veil of chantilly lace, the brittle pages of a diary, and the patina of relentless time.  
Stately gardenia, antique sandalwood, Florentine iris, pearl musk, jasmine absolute, neroli, and liquidambar.
Wear to connect with ancestral guides, to access genetic memory, and to retrieve what's been forgotten.

~ Thalassophilia: Love of the Ocean ~
Sunlight on the crystal waves. Sea glass studs the golden coastline.
Fresh basil, ambergris accord, moringa, salt mist, vetiver, azure musk, summer spruce, cucumber water, and petitgrain.
Wear to purify, cleanse, and replenish your energy.

~ Somniphilia: the Love of Sleep ~
Puffy white pillows that always stay cool.
Lamb's wool accord, orange blossom, barely-budding lavender, melissa, green fig, clary, cloud musk, and weightless vanilla marshmallow meringue.
Wear at bedtime for restful and restorative sleep.

~ Aphrodite Nikephoros: She who brings Victory ~
Three precious sandalwoods, bronzed skin musk, raw vanilla bean, Haitian amyris, creamy white rose, and a sprinkle of cardamom.
Wear as an offering to the sea-born titaness whose will becomes Fate and whose favor begets Fortune.

~ Aphrodite Chrysea: The Golden One ~
Sacred benzoin, amber and copal resins, Moroccan cashmere, pink sandalwood, osmanthus, guava, and coconut milk chai.
Wear to manifest prosperity, pleasure, and a garden of earthly delights.

~ Aphrodite Peitho: Goddess of Persuasion ~
Tortuga teakwood, green amber, fig leaf, honeycomb, skin-warmed linen, vanilla orchid, fox fur accord, and lime blossom.
Wear to empower your magical petitions, to influence people, and to sway decisions in your favor.

Plus returning favorites from past Valentines collections:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Ailurophilia: The Love of Cats ~
Egyptian musk, tonka, and dulce de leche wrapped in luxuriant cashmere, soft suede, wisps of sandalwood and copal smoke.
Wear this comforting concoction to honor your feline familiars and invoke their ancient power.

~ Anthophilia: The Love of Flowers ~
White tea rose, French lavender, cotton flower, Easter lily, pear blossom, the barest hint of ylang, and the vivid green of snipped stems.
Wear this scent to attract beauty, pleasure, and luxury.

~ Astrophilia: The Love of Stars ~
A shimmering constellation of iced white tea, bergamot, diamond musk, clary sage, ginger ale, cold conifers, and mint.
Wear to refresh and inspire.

~ Bibliophilia: The Love of Books ~
The vanillic scent of aging paper, the tang of fresh ink, venerable bookshelves of oak and mahogany, a sweet trace of pipe tobacco, an undercurrent of faded leather.
Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your perceptions.

~ Bryophilia: The Love of Moss ~
A soothing bouquet of green suede, rainforest fern, Caribbean teakwood, river stone, oakmoss, and ancient fallen mahogany.
Wear for deep relaxation, meditation, or sound sleep.

~ Ceraunophilia: The Love of Thunder and Lightning ~
Slivered almond and ozone swirled with white clove, ambergris accord, ponderous grey musk, spiced tobacco, and black cotton.
Wear this galvanic scent to call forth your inner strength and summon your fortitude.

~ Chionophilia: The Love of Snow ~
A cool blend of cotton flower, marzipan, Nui’s inscrutable Cold accord, coconut flakes, frosted fir, whipped white honey, and copal.
Wear for comfort, joy, and to nurture loving connection.

~ Coimetrophilia: The Love of Cemeteries ~
Freshly turned soil, gentle rain, moss-covered tombstones, low-lying fog, old red oaks, and fading funeral lilies.
Wear this somber scent to invoke the blessings of your ancestors and commune with the dearly departed.

~ Dendrophilia: The Love of Trees ~
Moss-covered deadfall, birchwood and pine, lingering resins and sunlight through the leaves, a trace of woodsmoke, the memory of vetiver and cedar.
Wear this evocative blend to commune with the spirits of nature and reconnect with your primal wisdom.

~ Heliophilia: The Love of Sunlight ~
Molten amber, Arabian sandalwood, beach-tumbled teak, frankincense tears, crystallized ginger, and ripe tangerine.
Wear this warm potion to illuminate your authentic self and ignite your star quality.

~ Nephophilia 2.0: The Love of Clouds ~
A fluffy melange of pink cotton candy, ivory cashmere, silk tree blossoms, blush suede, and steamed vanilla.
Wear this playful scent to turn heads and lift spirits.

~ Athena Drakaina: The She-Dragon ~
An ebony altar swathed in sacred smoke, dragon’s blood resin, spiced pomegranate, black leather accord, bay laurel leaves, hibiscus flower, nocturnal musk, and agarwood.
Wear to invoke Her sacred ferocity and mete out swift justice.

~ Athena Ergane: Teacher of All Arts ~
A seaside temple amid the orange trees, precious sandalwood, white amber resin, a distant breeze of cypress, black tea, and oud.
Wear to petition the Goddess for creative inspiration, diligent focus, and sharpened skill.

~ Athena Glaukopis: Owl-Eyed ~
An olive grove at twilight, black walnut, driftwood, green fig, and moringa.
Wear to honor the Goddess of Wisdom and to heighten your own powers of strategy.

**Last chance!**
The following Archive Scents will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available.

~ Oeniphilia: The love of wine ~
A magnificent Merlot accented with peach, clove, black fig, a pinch of toasted nutmeg, warm scarlet musk, and just a trace of patchouli.
Wear for an aura of mystery, sophistication, and glamour.

~ Ornithophilia: The love of birds ~
A wistful effusion of angelica, kava kava, elderflower, linden, mugwort, saffron, acacia wood, heliotrope, and mugwort.
Wear to free your mind and elevate your perspective.




Continuous Collection:

~ Charisma Bonus ~
A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

~ Grey Cat ~
An ode to my very own regal and ridiculous familiars. Dry smoked vanilla, fluffy marshmallow creme, fresh blueberries, the gentlest touch of lavender and a warm cup of Earl Grey. Wear this comforting blend to attract friendship, allies, and supportive people. It's a potent addition to a Honey Jar or any spellcraft for sweetening relationships.

~ Insight ~
A serene and introspective blend of blue lotus, chilled coconut water, lavender, white copal, and a whisper of heirloom rose. Wear this gentle scent to facilitate meditation, pathworking, or lucid dreaming.

~ Liquid Luck ~
Made with wild-harvested four-leaf clovers, this potion confers great good fortune upon its wearer. A gorgeously green bouquet of night air and dewy grass, charmed galbanum and benzoin, Irish moss, carrot seed, living shamrock and freshly turned earth. This enchanted scent was made with the help of the fabulous Coldie Armstrong, who generously contributed her own four-leaf clovers.

~ Little Brown Rabbit ~
An auspicious blend for abundance and great good fortune. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, pink pepper, and a trace of carrot seed.

~ Silver Fox ~
An elegant blend for charm, poise and decorum.
White tea with honey and rice milk, almond macaron, soft grey cashmere and cool woodland musk. Wear when you must put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.

~ Starlight & Spidersilk ~
Swift and skillful, her instinct's artistry glimmers with deadly precision. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, and tiny black vanilla beans.

~ Tryptophan ~
A soothing sleep blend to lull you into a deep and restorative night's rest. Softest sandalwood, warm vanilla and clary sage are accented by precious blue chamomile and subtle french lavender. Please note: there is no actual tryptophan in this fragrance.

~ Virtuous ~
A restorative scent to strengthen and nourish every aspect of Self.
Steamed basmati rice, nutmeg, peach skin, neroli, sun dried teakwood, parchment, and porcelain musk. Wear to support and maintain holistic well-being.


Limited editions (not part of a standard collection)

~ Hina ~
Goddess of the Moon among the vast Polynesian diaspora. She ensnared the sun to lengthen the days, crafted the finest cloth ever known, then ascended along a moonbeam, making her home in the peaceful solitude of the night sky.
Maile vine, tuberose, macadamia, palapalai fern, coconut water, and sea foam illuminated from above by the moon, from below by bioluminescence.  This scent was available through a Sihaya & Co's gift box.



Indie Mood collaboration (Indie Mood's Instagram)

 ~ Indie Mood: Liv ~
The fecundity of the untamed forest at twilight. Earthy patchouli, deep incense, wild blackcurrants, and the lingering smoke of a maplewood fire.

~ Indie Mood: Giulia ~
Unabashed refinement and sheer elegance. White santal and sunwashed teak edged with vetiver, silk, and chilled Earl Grey.

~ Indie Mood ~
The dynamic harmony of light and shadow. Lapsang souchong tea, sumptuous velvet, labdanum and tonka punctuated by precious Peru balsam.


Cobalt Druid Continuous Collection

~ Chango ~
Virile spirit of thunder, Master of Drumming and Dance, wielder of the double-headed axe, we honor you with lightning, dragon's blood, sweet red apples baked in cinnamon and served with a glass of good wine.

~ Chill ~
A gently cooling blend to help you keep a level head and a calm disposition, even when tempers flare. Ice blue aquatic notes, crisp cucumber, crisp cotton, and fresh-cut aloe.

~ Clarity ~
A fresh, bracing blend to wake you up, clear confusion, and banish brain fog. Fresh cut rosemary leaves mingle with bright orange zest, smoothed by a touch of sweet amber. This is the scent that graced our popular Smartypants soy candle and incense.

~ Dark Mistress ~
An homage to the Dominant Feminine that evokes indomitable confidence. Spiced pomegranate and stiletto steel swirled in Cabernet over a foundation of leather and mahogany musk.

~ Deep Healing ~
A powerful blend for emotional restoration and braving the depths of the fathomless psyche. Deep ocean water, bracing wind, cold clary sage, and fresh rain-drenched greens. This is the scent that graced our popular Deep Healing incense and "Splash!" Bath Spell.

~ Druid ~
An attuning blend to bring energies into harmonious balance with Nature and All that Is. Ancient woods, verdant mosses, river stones, smoldering firewood and deep red dragon's blood.

~ Ellegua ~
Master of the Crossroads with laughing eyes and the keys to every door. We honor you with rich dark chocolate, hot coffee, tobacco, coconut rum, and a touch of loamy earth.

~Justice ~
A no-nonsense magical blend to cut through deception and neutralize ill-gotten advantage. It rewards fairness, honesty, and ethical conduct so that those who act with integrity are propelled toward success. Austere oakmoss and cedar are brightened with blackberry, sweetened with tonka bean, and grounded with rich pipe tobacco.

~ Love ~
Intimacy in a bottle. A blend to enhance your natural magnetism and power to forge passionate connections. The softest sugared rose dances with resplendent vanilla in flickering candlelight.

~ Money ~
A blend for bountiful blessings of earthly wealth. Generous helpings of offertory spices, baked into sweet cakes and served with good ale. 

~ Obatala ~
Gentle spirit of the cloud-covered peaks, clad in white cloth and crowned with tranquility. We honor you with cool coconut water, rice pudding, clean cotton, and mountain air.

~ Ochosi ~
The Orisha are spirits of West African origin, honored for generations in Ifa, Yoruba, Lukumi, Santeria, and to this day in New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions.Spirit of the hunt, just and diligent patron of law, ethics, and truth, we honor you with the scent of verdant woods, sweet pears, tree-ripened bananas, delicate anisette and smooth tobacco. 

~ Ogun ~
Mighty blacksmith and stern warrior, wielder of the machete and Father of Justice. We honor you with deep green woods, metal and mosses, plantain skins, dry pomegranate rind, and a double shot of gin.

~ Oshun ~
Dancing beauty of the cooling rains, youthful spirit of pleasure and romance. We honor you with sunlit spring water, pure honey, sweet amber resin, wild orange, and a glass of champagne. 

~ Oya ~
Fierce lady of the storm, warrior, lover, and Mistress of the Marketplace. We honor you with sweet red plums, Cabernet, whirling wind, dragon's blood and lightning.

~ Peace ~
A gentle blend to instill a sense of calm and tranquility. Bulgarian lavender and honey are tucked into a soft bed of cooling clary sage and meditative sandalwood.

~ Prosperity ~
A deliciously updated version of New Orleans' traditional Money Draw oils.
Aged black patchouli, dark brown sugar, mandarin orange marmalade spiced with Ceylon cinnamon, clove bud, ginger root, saffron, cardamom, and the subtlest touch of toasted almond. Wear as a luxury perfume to manifest wealth, encourage generosity, and invoke great fortune. Anoint your cash so that every dollar you spend returns to you tenfold.

~ Protection ~
Sharp and brisk, the subtle scent of vigilant spirits watching over you. White clove, alpine air, and the subtle memory of lavender. 

~ Road Opener ~
This time-honored classic is renowned for its power to clear away obstructions and banish energy blocks. It illuminates the path to success in all areas. Scent notes of warm lemon tarts with the subtle freshness of green herbs and a base of smooth frankincense.

~ Seduction ~
A boldly sensual blend for enticement and attraction. Opulent flowers, piquant cloves, warm scarlet musk and hoodoo roots tangled in a potion of simmering vanilla.

~Success ~
A powerful blend for achievement, manifestation, and victory over adversity. High John the Conqueror root provides an earthy foundation for celestial frankincense, sweet patchouli, regal conifers and almond bark brightened with just a glimmer of fresh orange.

~ Sultry ~
A time-honored Hoodoo blend, famous for its power to attract passionate love as well as abundant wealth. Two dark, lascivious vanillas swirled with dragon's blood, heavy velvet musk and the secrets of an old rootworker's conjure cabinet.

~ Uncrossing ~
Banish the bad vibes with this time-honored Conjure blend for cleansing and purification. Blue vervain, white sage, and pungent bay leaves are woven into a delicate bouquet of young lavender and fresh, dewy rose.

~ Yemaya ~
Mother Ocean, Protectress of Children and Guardian of the Home. We honor you with ocean air and sea foam sweetened with coconut, pound cake, and fresh watermelon.