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Nui Cobalt Designs Valentines 2023 scents:


~ Melophilia: Love of Music ~
A symphony of scent to inspire virtuosity.
The rich mahogany, pale maple, and spruce woods of a violin, rosin on its bow, a vase of white heliotrope, dry vanilla, and French lemon verbena.
Wear to connect more deeply with your inner Artist.

~ Choreophilia: Love of Dance ~
A kinetic bouquet for fearless self-expression.
Wild violets, warm Earl Grey, Dominican blue amber, orris root, a handful of blueberries, and a touch of lime marmalade.
Wear to shed inhibitions, overcome anxiety, and live your truth.

~ Ergophilia: Love of Work ~
A potent infusion of enchanted woodland botanicals to lead you to your perfect profession.
Antique oak, applewood, benzoin, dry allspice, maple sap, nutmeg, a scant drop of sassafras, and a twist of bergamot.
Wear while applying for positions that seem out of reach. Dab onto manuscripts and important business letters before sending. Wear to meetings and interviews with highly influential people.

~ Erytophilia: Love of Red ~
A vivid aroma for bold moves and ambitious endeavors.
Velvety red rose, tart cherry, mahogany, dragon’s blood resin, scarlet musk, pimento berry, and a pinch of clove.
Wear for unshakable confidence and courage.


~ Tall Dark Stranger ~
An intriguing aroma for chance encounters.
Clean suede, earthy bronze whiskey, superior green sandalwood, dry fig, syrupy cedar resin, top-shelf patchouli, and a wisp of smoke from a fine Meerschaum pipe.
Wear to enthrall would-be suitors and nurture budding romance.

~ Instant Chemistry ~
A shamelessly sexy philtre to attract romantic prospects.
Almond pignolis still warm from the oven, a steamy cup of mulled Merlot, dark hazelnut mocha, and the subtlest hint of black patchouli.
Wear for night on the town, or to stay home and luxuriate in your own fierce fabulosity.
* Please note: this scent contains cinnamon and should not be worn on skin by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ That Spark ~
The juxtaposition of dynamic opposites.
A champagne cocktail with ginger syrup, a swirl of grenadine, and a twist of grapefruit against a sultry backdrop of red satin musk and dark amber resin.
Wear to ignite a romantic connection or rekindle an old flame.
This scent will also be available as an enchanted soy candle.

~ Swoon ~
A passionate potion of juicy mulberry, acai, and red plum gently spiced with cardamom, heady egyptian amber, wood musk, ambrette seed, and black silk.
Wear to enhance your natural allure and draw attention to your finest facets.

Epithets of Venus

~ Venus Amica, the Friend ~
An enchanted infusion for joyful accord in platonic relationships.
Sun-warmed wildflowers, olivewood, apple blossom, light amber, moringa leaf, and sacred benzoin.
Wear to nurture connections with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and allies.

~ Venus Derceto, Patroness of Sex Workers ~
A smoldering mélange to attract only the best prospective clients.
Smooth sandalwood, tonka bean, marzipan, fresh coconut, and neroli, subtly spiced with ginger root, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.
Wear when meeting new people to ensure your connection with those who would prove most generous.
* Please note: this scent contains cinnamon and should not be worn on skin by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Venus Verticordia, Changer of Hearts ~
A beautifully balanced potion for eloquence and stature.
Sheerest lavender, clary sage, melissa leaf, and black cardamom warmed by creme caramel, tonka, dry ginger and Moroccan musk.
Wear to carry an air of effortless authority and charismatic grace. It has a talent for winning over difficult people.

~ Venus Euplea of Good Navigation ~
A cooling blend for smooth sailing and peace of mind.
Mediterranean lime, honeydew, cerulean musk, translucent amber, precious Hawaiian sandalwood, a touch of clary sage, and a whisper of ambergris accord.
Wear for guidance when you feel lost or disoriented. It assists in relieving anxiety and overthinking.


Returning favorites:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Ailurophilia ~
The love of Cats.
Egyptian musk, tonka, and dulce de leche wrapped in luxuriant cashmere, soft suede, wisps of sandalwood and copal smoke. Wear this comforting concoction to honor your feline familiars and invoke their ancient power.

~ Astrophilia ~
The love of stars.
A shimmering constellation of iced white tea, bergamot, diamond musk, clary sage, ginger ale, cold conifers, and mint. Wear to refresh and inspire.

~ Bibliophilia ~
The love of Books.
The vanillic scent of aging paper, the tang of fresh ink, venerable bookshelves of oak and mahogany, a sweet trace of pipe tobacco, an undercurrent of faded leather. Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your perceptions.

~ Bryophilia ~
The love of moss.
A soothing bouquet of green suede, rainforest fern, Caribbean teakwood, river stone, oakmoss, and ancient fallen mahogany. Wear for deep relaxation, meditation, or sound sleep.

~ Ceraunophilia ~
The love of Thunder and Lightning.
Slivered almond and ozone swirled with white clove, ambergris accord, ponderous grey musk, spiced tobacco, and black cotton. Wear this galvanic scent to call forth your inner strength and summon your fortitude.

~ Chionophilia ~
The love of snow.
A cool blend of cotton flower, marzipan, Nui’s inscrutable Cold accord, coconut flakes, frosted fir, whipped white honey, and copal. Wear for comfort, joy, and to nurture loving connection.

~ Coimetrophilia ~
The love of Cemeteries.
Freshly turned soil, gentle rain, moss-covered tombstones, low-lying fog, old red oaks, and fading funeral lilies. Wear this somber scent to invoke the blessings of your ancestors and commune with the dearly departed.

~ Dendrophilia ~
The love of Trees.
Moss-covered deadfall, birchwood and pine, lingering resins and sunlight through the leaves, a trace of woodsmoke, the memory of vetiver and cedar. Wear this evocative blend to commune with the spirits of nature and reconnect with your primal wisdom.

~ Equinophilia ~
A magnificent creature of effortless grace and power.
Toasted oats, green and golden hay, living cedar, deep auburn musk, chestnuts, corn silk, saddle leather, and galbanum.
Wear to invoke your own sense of majesty, and to reclaim your poise and dignity.

~ Hybristophilia ~
This is the scent that the Devil's personal stylist would conjure.
Ebon cashmere, guaiac wood, storax, myrrh, syrupy vanilla pipe tobacco, a whisper of grey suede, and a trace of green lavender.
Wear when you want to be led into temptation.

~ Mnemophilia ~
Old chests filled with sepia photographs, a veil of chantilly lace, the brittle pages of a diary, and the patina of relentless time.
Stately gardenia, antique sandalwood, Florentine iris, pearl musk, jasmine absolute, neroli, and liquidambar.
Wear to connect with ancestral guides, to access genetic memory, and to retrieve what's been forgotten.

~ Nephophilia ~
The love of clouds.
A fluffy melange of pink cotton candy, ivory cashmere, silk tree blossoms, blush suede, and steamed vanilla. Wear this playful scent to turn heads and lift spirits.

~ Somniphilia ~
Puffy white pillows that always stay cool.
Lamb's wool accord, orange blossom, barely-budding lavender, melissa, green fig, clary, cloud musk, and weightless vanilla marshmallow meringue.
Wear at bedtime for restful and restorative sleep.

~ Thaassophilia ~
Sunlight on the crystal waves. Sea glass studs the golden coastline.
Fresh basil, ambergris accord, moringa, salt mist, vetiver, azure musk, summer spruce, cucumber water, and petitgrain.
Wear to purify, cleanse, and replenish your energy.

~ Aphrodite Chrysea: The Golden One ~
Sacred benzoin, amber and copal resins, Moroccan cashmere, pink sandalwood, osmanthus, guava, and coconut milk chai.
Wear to manifest prosperity, pleasure, and a garden of earthly delights.

~ Aphrodite Nikephoros: She Who Brings Victory ~
Three precious sandalwoods, bronzed skin musk, raw vanilla bean, Haitian amyris, creamy white rose, and a sprinkle of cardamom.
Wear as an offering to the sea-born titaness whose will becomes Fate and whose favor begets Fortune.

~ Aphrodite Peitho: Goddess of Persuasion ~
Tortuga teakwood, green amber, fig leaf, honeycomb, skin-warmed linen, vanilla orchid, fox fur accord, and lime blossom.
Wear to empower your magical petitions, to influence people, and to sway decisions in your favor.


Archive Scents
**Last chance!**
These perfume oils will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available for purchase.

~ Heliophilia ~
The love of Sunlight.
Molten amber, Arabian sandalwood, beach-tumbled teak, frankincense tears, crystallized ginger, and ripe tangerine. Wear this warm potion to illuminate your authentic self and ignite your star quality.

~ Kosmemophilia ~
The glint of precious ruby, amethyst, and emerald enthroned in an antique mahogany chest.
Purple plums, heliotrope blooms, aged Baltic amber, golden musk, deep mahogany wood, and a splash of Grand Marnier.
Wear to attract opulent wealth and luxury.

~ Ophidiophilia ~
An elegant predator slithers through shifting sands and tastes the desert wind.
Pink sandalwood, Saharan musk, copaiba balsam, shea butter, dried fig, pale patchouli, and soft tawny suede.
Wear for perfect timing, to strike swiftly and seize opportunity.

Nui Cobalt Designs Geeks & Gamers 2023 scents:

~ Social Justice Ranger ~
Label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder
Guardian of field and forest, she of the swift arrow who suffers neither bigotry or tyranny. Her keen eye penetrates the mists of deception and her aim is ever true.
An evergreen balsamic scent alive with dewy grasses, lush moss, chilled green tea, wild woodland berries and sweet resins.
Wear to recalibrate your discernment and refine your perspective when faced with complex social matters.

~ Social Justice Bard ~
Label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder
Voice of the common folk, open arms for the lost and disenfranchised. His song restores hope in the cynic and compassion in the cold.
A swirl of spiced rum alight with the reflection of the fireplace, slowly toasting marshmallows, a tendril of smoke from a pipe, and decades-old suede.
Wear for grounding and centering, for a deep sense of comfort no matter where you are or who you’re with.

~ Social Justice Sorcerer ~
Label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder
Weaver of potent enchantments, a banisher of hatred, and a mighty agent of Karma.
Ripe boysenberry, black amber, dragon’s blood, purple musk, liatrix, deep red Merlot, and the ancient leather of her grimoire.

Browse more of JeCorey Holders creations here:

~ Lost Temple ~
A nexus of mystery and hidden power.
Damp moss, a humid tangle of mandevilla vines, freshly cut palo santo, rain-drenched stone, and the memory of sacred fires.
Wear to open your awareness to Otherworldly voices. It’s quite useful in divination.

~ Deus Ex Machina ~
From out of the blue an ally appears to lift our hero from the clutches of doom.
Antique ivory suede, pale amber, powdered roots of orris and angelica, honeyed tea, lime zest, and lobelia.
Wear to restore hope and recover your composure.

~ Magic Compass ~
An enchantment to navigate you through the fog and keep you on the right path.
Shining brass, benzoin, angelica flower, quatre épices, sandalwood, golden patchouli, and a touch of ripe passion fruit.
Wear for support in making optimal decisions for the best possible outcome.

~ Secret Alliance ~
A potion for effective partnership, loyalty, and mutual support.
Green amber, black fig, sensual ylang, dark patchouli, coumarin, and soft suede musk.
Wear to attract the best possible co-conspirators and nurture healthy connection.

~ Plot Twist ~
A spicy spell for bold moves and rapid transformation.
Grains of Paradise, red hibiscus, ambrette, Earl Grey tea, labdanum, nutmeg, and sacred benzoin.
Wear when you need to get out of a rut and on the fast track to success.

Sample sets: We will have a set of the 5 new NCD Geeks & Gamers scents and a set of the 3 new JeCorey Holder Social Justice scents.


Returning favorites:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Befriending the Dragon ~
A mighty ally to protect and defend you through the most perilous parts of your journey.
Glowing embers of copal, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood resin, coriander, toasted oats, roasted hazelnuts, ginger root, copaiba balsam, bronzed suede, and a glimmer of ripe blood orange.
Wear to cast an invisible shield around you, and to lend you extra strength whenever you need it.

~ Boss Fight ~
The crescendo of our story, formidable adversaries square off for the final, decisive battle. White peppercorn, worn leather, oakmoss, bayberry bark, ginger root, mace, red musk, clove bud, gunpowder, and steel.
Wear to conjure indomitable might and courage to power through your greatest challenges.

~ Call to Adventure ~
The challenge is presented: an opportunity to prove one’s mettle, the shining horizon beckons our would-be Hero. A bracing blend of fresh rosemary, bitter almond, green fig , sandalwood, Persian lime zest, and a sliver of apricot skin. Wear to awaken the senses and stoke the inner fire. It’s an indispensable ally for courage and motivation.

~ Charisma Bonus ~
A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

~ Cheat Code ~
This scent swiftly sorts through data, checking for accuracy and clearing confusion. It's especially helpful with problems that seem hopelessly unsolvable, tapping your natural ingenuity, lending perspective and accessing Universal guidance. Windswept teakwood, cedar, coriander and tea are grounded in black tonka with a hint of fine leather.

~ Flawless Victory ~
A shining achievement, a triumph over fear, our Hero defeats the nefarious foe.
Both grounding and bright, it's the scent of precious resins and gleaming golden woods, ripe fig, basil leaves and olive boughs, labdanum, cashmere, and North African musk.
Wear for good fortune, supportive synchronicity, and to invoke unseen forces who conspire toward your success.

~ The Mentor ~
A venerable wizard, mysterious but kind, with faded robes and shining eyes. Ancient sandalwood, well-worn linen, olive leaf, oakmoss, Earl Grey tea, and sacred temple incense. Wear for guidance in times of confusion, and for spiritual support in times of discouragement.

~ The Oracle ~
Wisdom woven into riddles, the hidden keys to victory are given only to those with the grace and humility to acknowledge they have much to learn.
A luminous mist of pear blossom, honeysuckle, osmanthus, elderflower, steamed rice, coconut water, and jasmine green tea amid sandalwood trees.
Wear to expand perception past the confines of preconceived notions, and attain greater, more integrated understanding.

~ Origin Story 2021 ~
Wide-eyed with wonder, a blank page awaits, our protagonist is poised on the threshold, brimming with potential and limitless possibility. Sunlit fields of oat straw and hay, linden blossom, elderflower, and lavender, late summer pears, and homemade rice pudding. Wear to refresh the mind and restore vitality. It’s particularly helpful in rituals of healing.

~ Villain Origin Story ~
Jaded by the world’s ills, a heart is ignited not by hope, but by fury.
Sinister patchouli, spiced mulberry wine, smoldering musk, deep mahogany, and a sliver of peach skin.
Wear to connect with your Sacred Shadow and transmute anger into strength.

~ Ye Olde Village Tavern ~
Safe, warm, and cozy.
Pipe tobacco, oak barrel aged whiskey, smoldering cedarwood, black walnut, freshly turned hay, and brown saddle leather.
Wear to inspire comfort, ease, satiety, and peace.


Archive Scents
**Last chance!**
These perfume oils will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available for purchase.

~ Achievement Unlocked ~
A bold blend of Mahogany and Merlot with tart elderberry and a single long-stemmed rose. Wear this sumptuous scent to amplify your confidence and hone your skills. Anoint the tools of your trade to move you swiftly toward success.

~ Loot ~
This time-honored formula attracts wealth from hidden and unexpected sources. It's an excellent assistant in acquiring assets. Use to greatly increase the flow of wealth into your life, especially in financially dire situations. It has a particular penchant for landing those dream jobs that seem out of reach. Bayberry bark and dragon's blood with Ceylon cinnamon and two luxuriant vanillas.
* Do not apply to skin if you are sensitive to cinnamon.

~ Natural 20 2021 ~
An auspicious blend crafted from twenty traditional botanicals for luck and good fortune. A spritz of bright citrus, fresh garden herbs and golden ginger are grounded in patchouli and amber resin.

~ Secret Superpower ~
From deep within the Hero’s heart, an unprecedented magic emerges. It races through our veins like lightning, stokes the fires of bravery, and swiftly propels us toward victory. Ozone and ambergris, allspice and agarwood, frankincense, bergamot, green cardamom, and electric musk.

~ The Treasure ~
To the victor go the spoils. Well-earned rewards issue forth in abundance.
A deeply golden potion for sustained wealth and prosperity: sumptuous amber gilded with kumquat, hinoki, two sacred sandalwoods, blonde oud, raw honeycomb, a touch of apricot and a dash of ginger. Wear during negotiations, strategy sessions, and when making important financial decisions.



Nui Cobalt Designs Nutcracker / Yuletide 2022 scents:

~ The Stroke of Midnight ~
She waited in silence until the guests had all gone home and the family was asleep, Then Clara crept back into the parlor to comfort her injured Nutcracker. She wrapped his jaw in her nightgown sash and cradled him gently to sleep.
Night enshrouds the remnants of a merry Yuletide fete. Orange pomanders adorned with clove, beeswax combs still rich with honey, an imposing Douglas fir, and incense from Christmas Eve mass clinging to woolen cloaks.
This scent weaves a spell of deep peace and lasting tranquility. It brings on restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams.

~ Drosselmeyer ~
The grandfather clock struck twelve, and in the gathering gloom the shadows came loose from the walls to scuttle about on their own. It's only a trick of the light, she thought, but she held her Nutcracker closer. She could swear that the carved owl atop the clock's face was not an owl at all, but her cloak'ed godfather, the wizard Drosselmeyer!
Darkness takes on a life of its own with smoldering sassafras and cedarwood, mulling spices, pale patchouli, black suede, copal, and vetiver root.
This is a potent spell of transformation: for harnessing the power of night and achieving the impossible.

~ The Mouse King ~
Swords clashed and cannons boomed as the battle raged under the giant Yule tree. The Mouse King's army overwhelmed the Nutcracker, backed him into a corner and disarmed him. Seven chattering heads roared with laughter. They twitched their whiskers and flashed their eyes, rearing back for the final blow.
The tang of wild opopanax, a snap of rhubarb, freshly grated ginger, dusty brown suede, dark guaiac wood, labdanum, and savage musk.
Wear to call upon your primal strength and sharpen your instincts. It’s a stalwart ally in the face of adversity.

~ Clara's Courage ~
A tiny satin slipper pelted the Mouse King with a thwack! He turned to find Clara charging him, her one remaining shoe brandished high, her face flushed with tearful rage. He sneered at the child and did not see the Nutcracker retrieve his sword. In one swift stroke he drove it into the Mouse King's side. A flash of light, a puff of smoke, and all the rats had vanished with their monarch. Clara reached for her Nutcracker, but where his broad jaw and wooden teeth had been, there was a soft cheek, a warm smile beneath kind, shining eyes. The curse was lifted. The prince was free.
A multi-dimensional scent that begins with creamy pink rose petals and ripe apricot, warms to reveal hinoki wood, saffron, and mandarin, then resolves into a balance of opoponax and frankincense.
This is a most high and exalted magic: the power to seize the narrative and become the hero of your own story.

~ Waltz of the Snowflakes ~
At once the parlor faded into swirling gusts of snow. There emerged a silver sleigh drawn by enchanted reindeer. The prince extended his hand, leading Clara aboard and in an instant they had leapt into the sky.
A portrait of winter’s splendor: white sandalwood, orris powder, chilled fresh coconut, palest amber, blanched almond, and barely a whisper of gilded gardenia.
Wear for swift and safe travel, and in Elemetal rituals to align with the formidable forces of Nature.

~ Dew Drop Fairy ~
From the far corners of the world they came to celebrate the return of the Prince and to welcome the brave Princess Clara to the Kingdom of Sweets. Among them was a fairy clad in glistening dewdrops who swept through the palace gardens. At her touch, the flowers sprang at once to life, even in mid-winter.
A verdant composition of crystalline waters dancing over lotus petals, bluebells, and mimosa.
Wear to stir the senses and enliven the mind. It’s a bracing elixir against weariness and brain fog.

~ Waltz of the Flowers ~
Gilded blooms danced free of their roots and spun about the courtyard in revelry. No greater joy had there been in this realm, and with gratitude they regaled young Clara with a most lavish display.
A bold bouquet of ivory gardenia, blush peony, non-indolic jasmine, and wild honeysuckle with a touch of Persian lime.
Wear to conjure confidence, poise, and effortless grace that you may fearlessly embrace the whole of your beauty.

~ Sugar Plum Fairy ~
A hush fell over the royal court. Her Majesty, Queen of the Land of Sweets, arrived with angels in attendance. Her crown was glistening amethyst and every footfall was a feather.
A harmony of warmth and regality: black iris, deepest amber, dry vanilla bean, gently spiced plum preserves, and one tiny anise seed.
A spell for self-assurance, trust in your judgment, and respect for your well-honed competence.

Nui Cobalt Designs Yuletide 2022 scents:

~ Blues Buster ~
A mighty ally against the Winter doldrums.
Sun-warmed honeycomb, red nasturtium, dark and light amber, orange peel, lemon balm, melted shea butter, ylang, and non-indolic pink jasmine.
Wear for emotional support and year-round mood management.

~ Winter Warmth ~
A cozy potion for comfort and soothing.
Earl Grey Tea with brown sugar and oat milk, sprinkles of nutmeg, ginger root, and allspice with the gentle smolder of cedarwood and mahogany.
Wear when you need some extra grounding and stability.

~ Twinkling Fairy Lights ~
A dynamic variation on our Winter favorite to invoke the spirit of the season.
Golden copal and lemon sugar soften into classic cathedral incense and fluffy whipped honey, then nestle into dry vanilla bean and smooth white amber.
Wear to turn heads and inspire admiration.

~ Ultraviolet Fairy Lights ~
A sophisticated twist on our Winter favorite to invoke the season’s enchantment.
Imperial iris and sugared violet soften into tonka butter, honey, and liatrix, then nestle into Dominican blue amber.
Wear to escape the routine and gain a fresh perspective.


Sample sets: We will have a full sample sets of each of the 8 Nui Cobalt Nutcracker scents, the 8 Poesie Nutcracker Sweet scents and the 4 new NCD Yuletide scents.

Returning favorites:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Arctic Fox ~
A sexy little number to inspire snuggles on the coldest nights. Soft amber nestled in sumptuous cashmere, steamed rice milk, winter white musk, and snow-covered fir trees.

~ Avalanche ~
A formidable potion for invoking inner strength. Cold coconut water with angelica, crystallized ginger, and vanilla-poached rhubarb over hinoki wood, lemon verbena, and green tangerine zest. Wear this scent whenever you need extra courage and fortitude.

~ Cloak of Evergreens ~
In East of the Sun, West of the Moon, the Lassie adorns herself in a mantle of conifer boughs as she leaves her childhood home to go and live in gilded captivity. I loved how it communicated her autonomy and true sense of self-worth, regardless of circumstance. Snow-covered spruce, iced cedar tips, golden pine sap, icicle musk, and the fading memory of tea by the fireside.

~ Emerald Velvet ~
A regal perfume for your most special celebrations. Douglas fir, white sandalwood, heliotrope, pale amber, sweet oud, and a trace of brisk green cardamom. Wear to invoke the Divine Feminine in her most benevolent aspect. Anoint green candles to curry Her favor pay Her homage.

~ Hell Freezes Over ~
A daring and diabolical scent for getting into delicious trouble. Decadent devil's food cake, still warm from the oven, fluffy marshmallow frosting and the lightest dusting of crushed candy cane. Wear this voluptuous gourmand fragrance only if you're prepared to be on the Naughty list.

~ Icicle Tiara ~
A diamond-bright blend to remind you that you are royalty. Nui's inscrutable Cold accord casts a glistening frost over delicate white tea, fine linen, budding blue lotus, pale amber resin, frozen forest musk and sparkling vanilla sugar.

~ Fairy Lights ~
A whimsical blend to invoke joy and the true spirit of the season. Their glow is the quintessence of Yuletide. Bright white copal softens into golden cathedral incense and wild honeycomb, then nestles into a deep dark vanilla and luxuriant amber.

~ Gingerbread Sanctuary ~
The concept for this year’s gingerbread house comes from a lovely friend and member of our Nui Cobalt Facebook Group. In her own words, “'s the sweetest confectionery structure, with a Black Lives Matter sign in the yard. It's a building where immigrants are safe regardless of their paperwork, and yes there's candy on the roof. The little gingerbread people inside really believe in justice and goodness, and they invite their friends of all colors, abilities, genders, ethnicities and religions to celebrate with them each year. And it's a riotous good time but also unbelievably cozy with the deepest, truest sweetness. I think we need it this year. The spirit of loving kindness.”
Warm, soft gingerbread baked with Tupelo honey and toasted almonds, a pinch of precious saffron, draped in lavender-lemon icing.

~ Silverlake Solstice ~
A comforting blend I created as a tribute to the Holidays spent with Found Family.
Lime leaves, matcha, coumarin, rhubarb, warm sweaters, and cannabis.

~ Snowflakes and Spidersilk ~
Our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk takes a merry turn for the winter holidays. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, grapefruit sorbet, fresh ginger root, and fluffy white meringue. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight.

~ Snow Cat ~
"...watching the cat's breath gently fog up the window in fleeting wisps as the sun rises grey-white through the cloud cover. her ice eyes, buttons of sky." - poetry by Jenn Zahrt

The very essence of Hygge: lightly toasted marzipan, ivory amber, chilled coconut milk, and the soft fur of a purring kitten. Wear this comforting blend for instant soothing and solace.
~ Snow Cat 2022 ~ Limited edition. An ethereal take on our classic winter Snow Cat.
"...watching the cat's breath gently fog up the window in fleeting wisps as the sun rises grey-white through the cloud cover. her ice eyes, buttons of sky." - poetry by Jenn Zahrt

The very essence of Hygge: lightly toasted marzipan, ivory amber, chilled coconut milk, and the soft fur of a purring kitten. Wear this comforting blend for instant soothing and solace.
~ Snowshoe Hare ~
A cold-weather cousin to our beloved Little Brown Rabbit. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, white suede, clove bud, cashmere, and a trace of carrot seed. Wear for cozy comfort and loving protection.

~ Snuggle by the Fire ~
The harmonic dichotomy of winter’s chill and the warmth of home.
Smoldering hickory wood, fuzzy fur accord, ginger root, white and black peppercorn, coriander, rooibos, white grapefruit, and snow-covered cedars.

~ Tryptophan ~
A soothing sleep blend to lull you into a deep and restorative night's rest. Softest sandalwood, warm vanilla and clary sage are accented by precious blue chamomile and subtle french lavender. Please note: there is no actual tryptophan in this fragrance.


Archive Scents
**Last chance!**
These perfume oils will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available for purchase.

~ All is Bright ~
To lift your spirits during the holiday season, and anytime you need to banish the blues. Warm home-brewed chai with fresh ginger and saffron, tart cranberry gelée, and a cozy seat by the fireplace. This scent is designed to be worn alone, or layered with All Is Calm.

~ All is Calm ~
To relax and ease your mind during the holiday frenzy, or anytime you need to stave off stress. Sacred temple incense, smooth white oak, Mysore sandalwood, and great-Grandma's traditional figgy pudding. This scent is designed to be worn alone, or layered with All Is Bright.

~ Cranberry Sauce ~
1 lb fresh cranberries
1.25 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
.5 cup brown sugar
.5 cup real Vermont maple syrup
Bring juice and cranberries to a boil, then reduce temperature to med/low.
Slowly stir in syrup and brown sugar. Simmer, stirring regularly, until berries are soft and sauce has thickened.
Wear this nostalgic scent to stir up happy memories and brighten the holiday mood.

~ Exploding Trolls ~
A conflagration of ice cold rage. Nordic seaspray crashing on an ancient stone shore, two livid musks, worn leather, a breath of feral vetiver and black patchouli.

~ Fearless Lassie ~
Warmth in the midst of winter. Homemade apricot preserves, poached pears with maple sugar, one slender slice of fresh baked banana bread, and the gentle glow of a fireplace.

~ Frost on the Windows ~
An atmospheric scent to capture the silent cold of December. Infinitesimal ice crystals adorn the glass in a glistening lacework. Alpine air and drifting snow swirl among the cedars. A rambling stream is frozen still under the bare oak limbs. Wear this bracing blend to sharpen your focus, clear your mind, and come back to the present moment.

~ Gathering ~
A blend to ease social anxiety and foster a sense of togetherness. Boozy baked yams with raisins in brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon, a pinch of allspice, a spritz of petitgrain, and your favorite blanket waiting for you in the glow of the firelight.

~ Grateful ~
An uplifting effervescent blend to inspire a festive mood and a positive outlook. The sophisticated sparkle of a nectarine Bellini, a sliver of pomelo zest, snow white amber and a faint wisp of smoldering benzoin.

~ Hibernate ~
The scent of a peaceful woodland sanctuary. Golden oak, a bed of hay, fertile earth, peru balsam, maple wood, and an accord of dense winter fur. Wear this tranquil blend for deep relaxation and restorative rest.

~ Making Snow Angels ~
The scent of joyful anticipation. Homemade sugar cookies fresh from the oven. Wear this toasty vanilla scent to awaken the spirit of play and frivolity.

~ Prima ~
It wouldn't be the Holidays without a nod to my most beloved Nutcracker. I tinkered with this blend for many weeks in an effort to capture a ballerina's delicious shiver of anticipation as she waits in the wings for her cue. The polished wood and sumptuous velvet of the theatre, the bright crackle of rosin on satin, new leather, fog machines, and pink roses thrown at her feet.

~ Silver Bells ~
A festive blend for dancing the night away at the Yule Ball. Lavish gardenia cooled by sage leaves, sparkling water, white grapefruit, cucumber, and fresh lemon balm. Wear this effervescent fragrance to lift your spirits and ignite your joie de vivre.

~ Snow Storm ~
An assertive blend of bitter almond, rosemary, white sandalwood, and cardamom over aloe, creamed coconut, frozen honeycomb, frankincense, and copal. Wear this stimulating scent to increase confidence, drive, and motivation.

~ Three Golden Gifts ~
Three radiant ambers entwined with frankincense and oak, crisp apple slices drenched in thick winter honey, a scant pinch of allspice and just a glimmer of orange zest.

~ Under the Mistletoe ~
A romantic melange of white winter rose, frozen vanilla, a mahogany mantle decked with holly, golden spiced rum, gilded magnolia, and flickering candlelight. Wear this potion to attract love and encourage kisses.

~ Visions of Sugarplums ~
A scent for a grown-up winter evening after the kids have gone to bed. A relaxing melange of preserved plums, Turkish apricots, warm mulling spices, delicate spun sugar, and a stealthy shot of Kentucky whisky. Wear this scent to release holiday stress and ease you into a good night's sleep.


Astrology Part 3: Houses - 2022

~ House of Identity ~
The Ascendant marks the First House: realm of personality, first impressions, and the way we approach the world. It is where our sense of Self intersects with the actions we take.
Top notes of fresh rhubarb and cubeb, a heart of allspice, Grains of Paradise, and hibiscus, and base notes of dandelion root, styrax, and acacia wood.
Wear to seize initiative and reorient yourself when you feel lost.

~ House of Resources ~
The Second House: realm of the physical body and all that sustains it. It is also the seat of our core values and guiding principles.
Top notes of fresh pear and nutmeg, a heart of apple blossom, honeysuckle, and elderflower, and base notes of toasted rice, oats, and orris.
Wear to ground and center in your own material Being. It supports personal integrity and accurate assessment of what matters to you.

~ House of the Mind ~
The Third House: realm of perception, thought, and communication. It’s the lens through which you receive information, and the voice with which you share it.
Top notes of lemon thyme, eyebright, and bergamot, a heart of clary sage, green fig, and mace, with base notes of coumarin, olivewood, and black walnut.
Wear to discern useful data from static. It supports clarity and accuracy.

~ House of Foundations ~
The Fourth House: realm of subjective feeling, intuition, and our fundamental needs. It’s the deeply personal sphere of home and the Inner Child, where we experience safety and vulnerability.
Top notes of white grapefruit, silk tree blossom, and fresh cucumber, a heart of gardenia, coconut, white tea, and water lily, and a base of copal resin, teakwood, and benzoin.
Wear for support in healing, therapy, or Shadow Work. It sheds gentle light on unconscious wounds to facilitate reintegration.

~ House of Joy ~
The Fifth House: realm of freedom, authentic expression, and play. It’s the palace of our creativity and the flourishing garden of merriment.
Top notes of strawberry, melissa, and pink peppercorn, a heart of heliotrope, golden plum, and hay, with a base of Tonka bean, saffron, and angelica root.
Wear to lift your spirits, spark inspiration, and awaken your inner Artist.

~ House of Proficiency ~
The Sixth House: realm of skills and talents that are diligently cultivated into personal strengths.
Top notes of green grape and flowering rosemary, a heart of aged oak, olivewood, and almond, with a base of black fig, and myrrh.
Wear to highlight your competencies and put them to good use. It supports perseverance and consistency.

~ House of Connection ~
The Seventh House: realm of romance, attraction, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. It’s where our conversations have less to do with information, and more to do with cultivating amity.
Top notes of yuzu and cardamom, a heart of Bulgarian lavender, honey, and tea rose, with a base of Madagascar vanilla and golden amber resin.
Wear to sweeten your words and accentuate your charm.

~ House of Intimacy ~
The Eighth House: a complex realm of trust, commitment, shared resources, and interdependence. It’s where we dare to be vulnerable, and deepen our relationships.
Top notes of neroli and raw silk, a heart of black fig and mulled wine, with a base of Mexican vanilla bean, santal, and oud.
Wear to nurture connection, sharing, and strong interpersonal bonds.

~ House of Exploration ~
The Ninth House: realm of philosophy, personal growth, and the expansion of one’s world view. It’s where new experience challenges old beliefs and offers us a chance to proceed differently.
Top notes of juniper berry and fir, a heart of toasted pecan, English oakwood, and cedar with a base of green amber, Copaiba balsam, and Omani frankincense.
Wear to break free of routine and stretch beyond what you know.

~ House of Mastery ~
The Tenth House: realm of earthly achievement, career, and our public role within the community. It’s where long-term goals are attained and maturity gives rise to personal authority.
Top notes of sage and spring water, a heart of mountain mahogany, with a base of vetiver and chilly stone musk.
Wear for support in taking yourself seriously and learning to honor your well-earned success.

~ House of the Frontier ~
The Eleventh House: realm of the future, ideals, and imagination. It’s where we reevaluate traditions, deconstruct outmoded systems, and dare to blaze new trails.
Top notes of green mandarin and coriander, a heart of violet leaf, labdanum, and Australian sandalwood, with a base of liatrix and liquidambar.
Wear to ignite innovation, to see with objectivity, and break the rules that no longer serve you.

~ House of Transcendence ~
The Twelfth House: realm of spirit, psychicism, and altered consciousness. It’s where facts are not the same as truths, and all sense of certainty dissolves.
Top notes of wild blueberry and morning fog, a heart of pale lilac and cashmere, with a base of orris and white amber.
Wear to facilitate meditation, dreaming, and magic.


Sample sets: We will have a full sample set of all Astrology Part 3: Houses as well as a limited number of the Planets & Signs sample sets.

Returning favorites:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

Astrology Part 1: Planets

~ Sun 2022 ~
A warm, golden potion to nourish vitality, well-being, a secure sense of self, identity, authentic expression, play, free will, personal truth, inspiration, and integrity.
Sunflower, saffron, carnation, fresh ginger, benzoin, satsuma, frankincense, amber, and a dash of cinnamon.
*Please note, this blend contains cinnamon and should not be applied to skin if you have cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Moon ~
A luminous scent to support intuition, instinct, self-care, the soul, emotion, primal wisdom, the Unconscious, nurturing, and the fulfillment of essential needs.
The phases of this moon begin with night-blooming jasmine reflected in rain, then gilded with melissa leaf, cotton flower, and coconut milk, finally settling into a soft silver musk entwined with white sandalwood.

~ Mercury ~
An ebullient blend for intellect, adaptability, keen perception, memory, problem solving, wit, eloquence, strategy, swiftness, accuracy, data collection and transmission.
Oolong tea, fenugreek, a snap of raw rhubarb, zests of lime and orange, with subtle touches of lavender, honeysuckle, and fresh rosemary.

~ Venus ~
A sensual bouquet to nurture connection, empathy, poise, pleasure, equity, appreciation, glamor, allure, artistry, peace, and harmony within the self as well as with others.
The ivory petals of opulent heirloom roses, silken shea, honeyed almond, Bourbon vanilla, Queen Elizabeth root, and a scant trace of Bulgarian lavender.

~ Mars ~
A bold concoction for strength, energy, courage, perseverance, assertion, executive function, fortitude, mettle, initiative, energy, motivation, and drive.
Dragon’s blood, red leather, patchouli, basil leaf, pink peppercorn, black tobacco, agarwood, and crushed coriander.

~ Jupiter ~
An expansive aroma for optimism, exploration, philosophy, perspective, personal growth, good fortune, generosity, benevolence, and unprecedented success.
Towering redwood trees, lush ferns, oakmoss, coumarin, Douglas fir, Himalayan cedarwood, nutmeg, clove, and a glimmer of lemon balm.

~ Saturn ~
An austere perfume for patience, discipline, maturity, solidity, structure, competence, diligence, wisdom, discretion, self-restraint, and temperance.
Black oudh, imperial iris, bergamot, myrrh, patchouli, cypress, scorched poplar, tonka bean, and Moroccan musk.

~ Uranus ~
An unconventional fragrance to ignite independence, individuality, originality, innovation, unconventionality, foresight, ingenuity, and the spirit of Rebellion.
Ozone, electrified metal, cracked ice, absinthe, almond, and unripe fig.

~ Neptune ~
A soothing aquatic scent to enhance dreaming, facilitate magic and meditation, increase psychic sensitivity, commune with divinity, cultivate universal compassion, release and surrender conventional consciousness.
Salty sea mist, ambergris accord, blue lotus, azure musk, and a trace of petitgrain.

~ Pluto ~
An inscrutable accord for transformation, alchemy of the soul, unearthing hidden power, and touching the heart of the zeitgeist.
Frozen stone, guaiac wood, opoponax, black soil, tangled roots, vetiver, patchouli, oudh, and pomegranate.

Astrology Part 2: Signs

~ Aries ~
A potion for courage, autonomy, assertion, ferocity, and the sheer power of will. Spiced espresso, blood orange, patchouli, kava kava, and crimson musk.
Wear to meet stress with conviction, to wield your strengths fearlessly, and to push through any obstacle.

~ Taurus ~
A bouquet for stability, peace, and the fulfillment of earthly desires.
Baltic green amber, lush fern, peony, blush suede, Queen Elizabeth root, and rich mahogany.
Wear for grounding, comfort, and to be fully present in the moment.

~ Gemini ~
A scent to awaken the mind and sharpen perception.
Crystallized ginger, lavender, fenugreek, moringa, forget-me-not, eyebright, and garden-fresh herbs. Wear when you need to think fast, elevate the intellect, and read between the lines.

~ Cancer ~
A gentle perfume to support tenderness, nurturing, and healthy vulnerability.
Cotton flower, steamed rice, soft sandalwood, vanilla orchid, coconut milk, and pearl musk. Wear for inner peace, soul-level soothing, and a deeply rooted sense of safety.

~ Leo ~
A bold blend to encourage creativity, self-expression, and a fierce loyalty to the authentic Self.
Honey bourbon, heliotrope, golden copal, galangal, yellow mandarin, and maple wood.
Wear to ignite your star quality, to showcase your talents, and to find comfort in the spotlight.

~ Virgo ~
A potion for precision, diligence, and meaningful productivity.
Olive suede, wild sandalwood, Persian lime, smoldering resins, and sprawling moss.
Wear this scent to reveal your talents, sharpen your skills, and manifest excellence.

~ Libra ~
An elegant air of grace, civility, and dynamic balance.
Orange blossom, Easter lily, pink Champagne, diamond musk, tonka, white lilac, and cashmere.
Wear to cultivate harmony, emotional intelligence, and skillful diplomacy.

~ Scorpio ~
A sophisticated perfume to reveal inner truth and inspire intimacy.
Burgundy silk, dark chocolate, agarwood, lurid musk, aged patchouli, and an indulgent melange of raspberry, plum, and black cherry.
Wear to dissolve inhibitions, to unveil power as well as passion, and to engage in the sacred act of Trust.

~ Sagittarius 2022 ~
A smoldering scent like the glow upon a distant horizon.
Saddle leather, sassafras, golden hay, raw cinnamon bark, clove bud, dragon fruit, hinoki wood, and vanilla tobacco. Wear to stir your spirit of adventure, to seek beyond the known and the comfortable, and to revel in the renewal of childlike wonder.

~ Capricorn ~
A blend for patience, strategy, and earthly mastery.
Sun-warmed stone, grey suede, Harris tweed, orris root, vetiver, pale patchouli, and cypress.
Wear to strengthen your resolve, to draw upon your reserves of diligence and conviction, and to achieve the fulfillment of your loftiest ambitions.

~ Aquarius ~
An eccentric concoction for foresight, ingenuity, independence, and personal integrity.
Key lime, fresh fig, black oud, three sacred sandalwoods, bitter almond, clove, and young green coconut.
Wear to enliven the imagination, to encourage independent thought, and to shield against conformity.

~ Pisces ~
A soothing amalgam to liberate consciousness, dissolve barriers, and cultivate compassion.
Honeydew melon, garden mint, fresh basil, cucumber, elderflower, lemon myrtle, and ylang. Wear to support meditation, lucid dreaming, and expansion of psychic sensitivity.


Archive Scents
**Last chance!**
These perfume oils will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available for purchase.

~ The Art of Divination: a tribute to Pamela Coleman Smith ~
She was a black artist and occultist living in turn-of-the-century Europe. Though her name is conspicuously absent, Pamela was responsible for one of the world's most widely recognized and widely distributed works of art: The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. The fragrance inspired by her harkens back to her youth spent in Jamaica: Pimento, spiced golden rum, pineapple, lime zest, and a wisp of incense smoke.

~ Stay Afraid, Do It Anyway 2020: a tribute to Carrie Fisher ~
From her portrayal of the young Rebel leader in 1977's Star Wars to her poignant personal writings about addiction, Carrie was the very picture of courage. She is credited with the rousing battle cry: "Stay afraid, but do it anyway." The fragrance inspired by her is layered and complex: opening with bright white grapefruit and kumquat, maturing into spiced blackcurrant and fig preserves, then grounding itself in myrrh resin, tonka, and sandalwood musk.

~ The Children's Champion: a tribute to Audrey Hepburn ~
An icon, an entertainer, and the very epitome of grace, Audrey Hepburn was simply luminous on stage and screen. But it was her tireless effort to with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund that revealed her immense heart and humanitarian spirit. The fragrance inspired by her is sheer elegance: Earl Grey tea with a slice of peach, sun-dried teakwood, tonka bean, English pipe tobacco, ecru suede, and just a touch of Bulgarian lavender. Wear this scent to evoke unconditional love and the healing power of kindness.

~ Ain't I a Woman: a tribute to Sojourner Truth ~
She was born into slavery in New York, fled to freedom with her daughter, then attained legal custody of her son, becoming the first black woman to successfully sue a white slave owner. She spoke widely as an abolitionist and women's rights activist. Her groundbreaking 1851 speech, later titled "Ain't I A Woman," was delivered at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention. The fragrance inspired by her is one of indomitable hope and faith: a sacred incense of amber and sandalwood, Bartlett pears poached with vanilla bean, and a scattering of dry tea and patchouli leaves. Wear this comforting blend for stability and self-assurance.

~ Tired of Giving In: a tribute to Rosa Parks ~
Prior to her famous bus ride in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa had already been an active member of the NAACP as well as an outspoken advocate for the legal rights of black people. She received countless accolades for her Civil Rights leadership, including the Presidential Medal of Honor and the Congressional Gold Medal. The fragrance inspired by her is living dogwood trees, forget-me-nots, lush gardenia, and a subtle background of maplewood smoke.

~ Just What I Am, A Woman: a tribute to Lucy Hicks Anderson ~
An independent, affluent, and well-loved black trans woman, Lucy built an empire of successful brothels in Oxnard, California during the time of Prohibition. She and her husband were subject to harassment and persecution when it was discovered that she had been assigned male at birth. During her trial she stood fast and strong in her identity, saying “I have lived, dressed, acted just what I am, a woman.” The fragrance inspired by her is an ebullient bouquet of Valencia orange, gin and tonic, rich tobacco, Madagascar vanilla and tuberose.

~ Femme, Réveille-Toi: a tribute to Olympe de Gouges ~
Born into French aristocracy in the 1700s, she was an unexpected champion of human rights. Olympe wrote bold treatises against slavery and sexism that influenced powerful minds in government. She is credited with the prescient statement, "A woman has the right to mount the scaffold. She must possess equally the right to mount the speaker's platform." She was beheaded in 1793. The fragrance inspired by her is a decidedly bourgeois composition of orange flower, rose, sandalwood, bergamot, and violet infused into ivory leather gloves.

~ Tomorrow is Now: a tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt ~
She completely reinvented the role of First Lady, trading genteel hospitality for active and outspoken leadership. She stood up for marginalized people, and even after her time in the White House, dedicated her life to social activism as the first United States Representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The fragrance inspired by her is a deep rich mahogany with luxe amber, black tonka bean, delicate white sandalwood, sweet nutmeg, saffron threads and a spritz of tangerine. Wear this bold scent when you need a boost of confidence and optimism.

~ Iron-Jawed Angel: a tribute to Alice Paul ~
A women's rights activist both in Britain and the United States, she founded the National Women's Party and co-wrote the Equal Rights Amendment. Through imprisonment and torture, she and her fellow Suffragists persisted and eventually won voting rights for America's women.
The fragrance inspired by her recalls the dainty floral waters of neroli and violet, ubiquitous at the turn of the century, but is deeply anchored with resolute myrrh, tears of frankincense, and celestial benzoin. Wear this scent for grace under pressure and divine guidance through difficulty.

~ Celestial - Original & 2021 ~
An exalted amalgam of precious woods and resins to invoke divine grace.
Angelica root and flower, frankincense, sandalwood, oakmoss absolute, Siberian fir, amyris, and petitgrain. Wear for bright blessings and good fortune. Anoint your altar and instruments of magic to increase their power.

~ Infernal - Original & 2021 ~
A persuasive potion for influence and esteem.
Plum wine, passionfuit, cinnamon, myrrh, fresh ginger, pink pepper, cardamom, anise, and oud. Wear to hold sway over powerful people. Anoint the throat to make your voice heard, understood, and respected.

~ Nefarious ~
The scent of scandalous secrets and whispered enchantments.
Satsuma peel, wine-stained linen, beeswax candles, ylang ylang, and red amber. Wear to remain safely in the shadows when your plans require discretion.

~ Pristine ~
A healing and uplifting spell to overcome all manner of infirmity.
Lavender, clary sage, tuberose, neroli, sparkling pink grapefruit, coconut water, and vanilla orchid. Wear when recovering from heartbreak, illness, or injury. Anoint the heart chakra to dissolve sadness.

~ Virtuous 2021 ~
A restorative scent to strengthen and nourish every aspect of Self.
Steamed basmati rice, nutmeg, peach skin, neroli, sun dried teakwood, parchment, and porcelain musk. Wear to support and maintain holistic well-being. 



Autumn Part II: Halloween 2022

~ Ouija Board ~
A scent to bridge the worlds.
Aged cedar and teakwood, the glow of a dozen beeswax candles, incense drifting in the shadows of a dusty attic.
Wear to connect with the dearly departed and receive their clear communication.

~ Tasseomancy ~
The art of divination with tea leaves. The querent drinks a freshly brewed infusion of loose leaf tea. The reader then interprets the symbols and images left in the cup.
Black tea spritzed with orange, decades of incense smoke clinging to heavy velvet curtains, fireplace embers, cinnamon, and clove.
Wear to open the Third Eye and strengthen your psychic powers.
* Please note, this scent contains cinnamon and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Bibliomancy ~
The art of divination with books. Select a volume at random from the shelf. Turn the pages until intuition tells you to stop. The words on the page are the answer to your question.
The vanillic scent of brittle pages, well-worn leather bindings, dried lavender and forget-me-not blossoms pressed beneath translucent vellum, Peru balsam, Omani frankincense, and oudh.
Wear to sharpen perception and improve the accuracy of interpretation.

~ Lycanthrope ~
A forcefully persuasive cousin to our dearly departed Grey Wolf.
Sandalwood, black musk, amber, frostbitten sage, stone musk, mossy mahogany, smoked birchwood, grey suede, and cracked white peppercorn.
Wear to balance your ferocity with diplomacy. It is a powerful ally in all manner of negotiation.
This scent will also be available as an Enchanted Soy Candle.

~ Purple People Eater ~
A jubilant scent for making merry.
Candied violets, blackberry bramble, kudzu vine, vanilla bean, ginger, star anise, and marshmallow fluff.
Wear to lift your spirits and restore your sense of humor.

~ Veil of Spidersilk ~
A wedding variation on our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk.
Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, pale pink musk, tiny black vanilla beans, Margaret Merril rose, lily of the valley, neroli, honeysuckle, and non-indolic jasmine.
Wear to bless any new beginning and brighten the path ahead.
This scent will also be available as an Enchanted Soy Candle.

~ Sylvan Spidersilk ~
A woodland variation on our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk.
Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, emerald musk, tiny black vanilla beans, Himalayan cedar, sandalwood, and mahogany.
Wear to align with the spirits of Nature and entreat their favor.

~ Glass Pumpkin ~
An elegant effusion for a formal Autumn affair.
Spiced pumpkin puree, a drizzle of hot caramel, coconut flakes, lime zest, hinoki wood, elderflower, and icy dark musk.
Wear to enhance your natural beauty and poise. It’s most helpful in easing social anxiety.

~ Glitter Pumpkin ~
A fun and friendly scent designed for Trick-or-Treat shenanigans.
Fresh ginger root, pumpkin flesh, tangerine, and apricot are mellowed with brown sugar, allspice, cardamom, and clove.
Wear to rekindle joy and a youthful spirit of adventure.

~ Canoodling in a Crypt ~
A cooler, more Gothic rendition of our popular scent from the Autumn Part 1 Collection.
Dead leaves, black amber, iced chai, cathedral incense, graveyard dirt, and languid Egyptian musk.
Wear to set a darkly romantic mood. Perfect for seducing vampires.

~ Secret Staircase ~
The groan and creak of ancient steps spiraling downward to an eerie glow.
Top notes of green fig and Persian lime, a heart of ancient suede, sandalwood, and weathered teak, and a base of darkest patchouli, dry vanilla, and oudh.
Wear this grounding scent to steel your nerves and banish all fear.

~ Ghost Train ~
A spectral glow racing down the long-abandoned tracks, the chilling wail of its whistle like the memory of a scream.
Stark white copal, cedarwood, coal dust, grey cashmere, cardamom, toasted marshmallow, and shining steel.
This was made by special request for my beloved son and railroad enthusiast, Ben. It carries his incomparable magic of sparkling energy and ingenuity.

Sample sets: We will have a full sample set available of our new Autumn Part II: Halloween scents.

Returning favorites:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Au Bal Masque ~
Elegant ghosts waltzing through the haunted halls of an abandoned palace. Nepalese virgin cashmere, cotton flower, vanilla spun sugar, labdanum, and the wafting memory of white funeral lilies. Wear this scent to attract benevolent spirits and to honor the beloved dead.

~ Awaken the Witch ~
A venerable old potion to stoke the flame of magic within. Leather bound grimoires on mahogany shelves. A cup of hot tea, subtly sweetened with vanilla bean and honey. Sandalwood incense mingling with black patchouli, cardamom, and coriander. Wear to amplify your psychic and magical power. It also serves as an all-purpose anointing oil for talismans and tools.

~ Baby Pumpkin ~
A scent to inspire sweetness and affection. Homemade maple pumpkin bread with Autumn harvest honey, spiced with nutmeg and clove, drizzled with salted caramel, and dotted with Turkish apricot. Wear when you're in the mood for gentle hugs, earnest compliments, and warm appreciation.

~ Bats in the Belfry ~
Fuzzy brown fur accord on soft golden hay that’s been infused with decades of frankincense and myrrh, guaiac wood, oudh, copal resin, and amber musk. Wear for comfort and restored sanity when the world is driving you mad.

~ Crown of Hekate 2021 ~
This blend evokes the ancient mysteries of the Sacred Feminine in her dark aspect. Moonflower and myrrh over shining white amber and tea leaves on a pillow of sheer vanilla.

~ Dewdrops on Spidersilk ~
A soft blue variation on our beloved Starlight & Spidersilk. Cerulean strands of cotton flower bejeweled with dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, frozen blue raspberry, and gentle incense. Wear for soothing, calm, and instant tranquility.

~ Entombed ~
An Autumnal sleeping spell to rival our acclaimed Tryptophan. Cemetary stones enshrouded in mist, wild English lavender, rain, and freshly turned earth. Wear this scent before going to bed for restorative rest and pleasant dreams.

~ Forbidden Library ~
A spooky rendition of our beloved Bibliophilia. The vanillic scent of aging paper infused with ceremonial incense, venerable bookshelves of black oak and sweet himalayan cedarwood, a hint of mossy stone, and an undercurrent of faded suede. Wear this subtle potion to invoke spirits of arcane knowledge and empower your psychic perceptions.
This scent will also be available as an Enchanted Soy Candle.

~ Incense and Spidersilk ~
A meditative variation on our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, light and dark amber, copal, nag champa, frankincense, and myrrh. Wear to quiet the thoughts and open the mind. It is particularly helpful in restoring calm after stressful encounters.

~ Kiss of Death ~
A lascivious potion of black cherry, dark chocolate, Ceylon cinnamon, pomegranate, patchouli, wine-soaked fig, and feral musk. Wear to incite arousal and encourage intimacy.* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Mad Scientist ~
A shape-shifting Jekyll and Hyde of a scent. It begins with acid green top notes of Mexican and Persian limes spiked with piquant cardamom. Then a total transformation occurs, revealing blackest vanilla and smooth salted caramel. Wear this potion in times of rapid transition and whenever you need to invoke your inner monster.

~ Pumpkins and Spidersilk ~
An autumnal variation on our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, pumpkin chai, hot cinnamon rolls, nutmeg, clove, allspice, and a scant drop of honey. Wear to warm your heart, lift your spirits, and take time for simple pleasures.
* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Spectral Spidersilk ~
A chilling, phantasmic variation on our beloved Starlight & Spidersilk. Translucent strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, ivory suede, Queen Elizabeth root, and cathedral frankincense. Wear to honor the dearly departed and to invoke the loving support of your Ancestors.

~ Stories and Spidersilk ~
A scholarly variation on our beloved Starlight and Spidersilk. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, tiny black vanilla beans, aging leather-bound books, pipe tobacco, and towering wooden shelves. Wear to honor the spirits of wordsmiths past, to invoke your literary Muse, and to enhance eloquence.

~ Sunrise on Spidersilk ~
A warm and golden variation on our beloved Starlight & Spidersilk. Sunlit strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, amber musk, tiny black vanilla beans, fresh ginger, clove, frankincense, and a touch of tangerine. Wear to lift your spirits, revive, and refresh after long bouts of stress.

~ Torchlit Dungeon ~
A subterranean lair of shadows and secrets. Cool, mossy stone, ancient oak casks, black soil, and gentle copal smoke. Wear to conceal yourself in the veils and mists of magic. It allows one’s actions to pass unseen by prying eyes.

**Last chance!**
The following Archive Scents will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available for purchase.

~ Cursed Jewels ~
Precious garnet cabochons enthroned in a golden necklace and enchanted to ward off would-be plunderers. Red plums, dragon’s blood, pomegranate, black fig, sweet walnut, frankincense and myrrh, sparkling ginger, and Moroccan musk. Wear for fierce protection against malefactors, fiends, and ne’er-do-wells.

~ Exorcised ~
A bracing purification blend to cleanse yourself and your space. Snow-covered spruce, rock moss, chilled Earl Grey and pale frankincense. Anoint your pulse points to banish negativity or add a few drops to an oil diffuser to cleanse and protect your home.

~ Skeletal Birch ~
Stark white and paper thin, seeming so vulnerable absent their leaves, the slender birch heralds purification and new beginnings. Crisp woodland air, dry branches, river rocks, a dash of black pepper and a wisp of campfire smoke. Wear this bracing blend to free yourself of stale, stagnant energy and step boldly into your next chapter.

~ Silver Bullet ~
A swift banishment blend to dispel anger, frustration, and any feral lunacy that muddles the mind. Wolf musk accord with wild white currant, chilled clary sage, dried lavender, lime leaves, and a subtle hint of almond bark infused with homegrown hyssop, lemon verbena, and white peppercorn. Wear this soothing potion in stressful situations or when you feel the stirrings of the savage beast within.

~ The Widow Wore Red ~
A shameless concoction of spiced plum, lascivious musk, patchouli, tart cherry, sweet pipe tobacco, warm gingerbread drizzled with vanilla caramel dusted with clove, coriander, and cardamom. Wear when you're ready to liberate yourself from sorrow and doubt, to abandon all pretense of timidity and let your Fierce flag fly.

~ Vengeful Spirit ~
A screeching spectre of diaphanous cotton flower, cardamom, cashmere, bitter almond, storm-washed teak, and white sandalwood. Wear to invoke the fury of the Unseen to exact swift justice upon the guilty.



Autumn Part I 2022

~ Rose Gold Sky ~ ☆
A spell for freedom and merciful release.
This sweet scent evokes the early sunsets and smoldering hues of Autumn.
Fuzzy apricot, amber resin, styrax, pink sandalwood, clove bud, melissa, and blush rose.
Wear for support when it’s time to let go and move forward.

~ Sphynx Cat ~ ☆
A potion to help you celebrate your quirks and embrace your uniqueness.
Lightly toasted almonds and oats, ecru suede, pale oudh, deep amber, and cocoa butter.
Wear to energize your true sense of self and encourage authentic expression.

~ Balefire ~ ☆
An ode to my favorite Autumn pastime: poking the embers of a gentle backyard campfire.
Top notes of ginger root, turmeric, cardamom, and white peppercorn give way to a heart of golden hay, copal, and oudh over a base of peru balsam, loamy soil, and woodsmoke.
Wear for assist support in reaching a meditative state, or simply to release the stresses of the day.

~ Canoodling in a Leaf Pile ~ ☆
A romantic bouquet for intimate encounters.
Warm chai, vermilion musk, copal resin, the subtle hint of a campfire still clinging to soft sweaters tumbled among leaves of aspen and oak.
Wear to enhance your powers of attraction, and to draw the best prospective suitors to you.

~ Persimmon Preserves ~ ☆
This under-appreciated Fall fruit is said to bring about positive transformation and good luck.
Honey-sweet Fuyu persimmons slowly simmered with ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, green cardamom, cloves, one split vanilla bean, and a sprinkle of bergamot zest.
Wear to sway Fortune in your favor and breeze through life’s big changes.

~ Queen Persephone Returns ~ ☆
The subterranean realms rejoice as Hades' bride ascends her ebon throne.
Mulled wine, scarlet suede, patchouli, black sandalwood, pomegranate, two sinister musks, and a slender twist of blood orange.
Wear to honor the goddess of two great kingdoms: the Springtime and the Underworld. Let it illuminate your own multitude of shining facets.

~ Demeter in Mourning ~ <3
A grounding blend for focus, diligence, and productivity.
Vetiver, patchouli, oudh wood, river stones, nagarmotha, black tea, and a trace of deer musk accord.
Wear to dispel procrastination and for self-discipline when it’s time to turn your attention toward the tasks you’ve been avoiding.

~ Bountiful Harvest ~ ☆
Crafted at the peak of the Lion's Gate astrological convergence, this is a bold recreation of our popular Crone’s Crate candle fragrance.
An incendiary spell for financial success.
Precious saffron strands, green cardamom, and clove are sweetened by maple sugar, dry chestnuts, and wood smoke.
Wear to draw wealth and prosperity to your life. Anoint gold or green candles in rituals of abundance.
* This scent will also be available as an enchanted soy candle.

~ Vineyard in September ~ ☆
A light and luxurious blend for inner calm and deep relaxation.
Olive leaf, oak barrels, green tea, sandalwood, dried apple, and lush vines laden with white grapes at the peak of ripeness.
Wear to dispel stress, banish anxiety, and remember that you deserve good things.

Sample sets: We will have a full sample set available of our new Autumn Part I scents ( except for Sphinx Cat) and a full set of our new and returning Cat scents.

Returning favorites:
** Please note: returning scents are in very limited quantities and once sold out may not be available again. **

~ Appalachian Autumn ~
An homage to the Nature Spirits. Deer musk accord, campfire smoke, birch trees, angelica, ripe pears and rain. Wear to align your energy with that of the wilderness to invoke its many blessings. It's particularly soothing and supportive through the changing of the seasons.

~ Apple Picking ~
The orchard at its peak, limbs heavy and bushels brimming. Barely-ripe apples, green leaves, rain-soaked soil, wicker baskets, and golden hay. Wear this powerful prosperity blend to call forth wealth and abundance. Anoint money charms and mojo bags to increase their power.

~ Blackberry Peach Preserves ~
Deep and delicious, this scent recalls the purple skies of Autumn’s sunset. Ripened plump blackberries, vanilla sugar, luscious peach, and subtle spice. Wear for soothing, healing, and protection.

~ Black Cat 2022 ~
A traditional folk magic blend for fast luck and abundant blessings.
Darkly sweet pipe tobacco, blackcurrant, and chai spices amid the swirling smoke of sacred nag champa and myrrh. Wear this dusky potion to invoke protection and great fortune.

~ Calico Cat ~
A dynamic blend to keep you resilient and adaptable. Tawny suede, pale sandalwood, toasted coconut, deep amber, and golden honey are accented with bright satsuma, and spiced tamarind. Wear for smooth navigation of challenges. Anoint the tools of your profession to turn obstacles into opportunities.
* Please note: this perfume contains cinnamon, and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Corn Maze ~
The warm, golden scent of sweet corn, hay bales, toasted oats, homemade caramel, and a distant memory of woodsmoke. Wear to invoke the spirit of generosity, gratitude, and camaraderie. It lifts the mood and brings blessings to the family.

~ Daughter of the Dark Moon ~
The Sorceress sings as dusk descends, dressed in unencumbered starlight. Her laughter weaves a living tapestry of ancient and sacred truths. She awakens me to my power. Black coconut, nocturnal jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, white sandalwood, dried lavender, sheer cotton, and a trace of Tahitian vanilla.

~ Favorite Sweater ~
The perfect balance of cool and cozy. White oak and blonde teakwood, copal resin, crushed coriander, lamb's wool accord, a touch of creamy chai, and a spritz of green mandarin. Wear when you need comfort and a sense of security.

~ Ghost Cat ~
A fuzzy phantasm to guide and guard you as you pierce the Veil. Cashmere, white amber, and ethereal ivory musk with blushing peony and pink peppercorn toe beans. Wear this spectral scent to call upon the aid of friendly spirits. Anoint white or lavender candles in rituals of divination or mediumship.

~ Ginger Cat ~
A playful blend to banish malaise, lift your spirits, and ignite vitality.
Crystallized ginger and raisins baked into warm pumpkin bread with caramel drizzle, candied orange peel, homemade apricot jam and the subtlest sprinkle of cardamom. Wear this cozy perfume when you need to shake off the doldrums and brighten your mood.

~ Grey Cat ~
An ode to my very own regal and ridiculous familiars. Dry smoked vanilla, fluffy marshmallow creme, fresh blueberries, the gentlest touch of lavender and a warm cup of Earl Grey. Wear this comforting blend to attract friendship, allies, and supportive people. It's a potent addition to a Honey Jar or any spellcraft for sweetening relationships.

~ Hekate Deichteira ~
The Teacher. The Revealer. She whose torch illuminates the path so that experience may become wisdom. A chaplet of laurel, olive leaves, sage, rosemary, acacia wood, white lotus, moonflower, deep purple heliotrope, claret, and black fig. Wear to enliven the mind and enhance perception. Anoint purple candles to increase psychic abilities.

~ Hekate Enodia ~
She of the Crossroads. Lady of the Ways. The goddess who guards, guides, and grants passage. An offertory incense of copal and myrrh, clove bud, star anise, tobacco, bitter almond, rosemary, Bosc pear, tonka bean, and freshly turned earth. Wear to improve navigational skills, both geographic and philosophic. Warm three drops in a diffuser as an offering to the Divine Feminine.

~ Hekate Potnia Theron ~
Mistress of Animals. Lady of the Wild Beasts. She who cherishes all who slither and soar, who climb and crawl. Green fig, cedar, cypress, orris root, golden hay, toasted oats, warm suede, woodland musk, and tonka. Wear to align yourself with Nature and ignite your primal wisdom.

~ Honeyed Figs ~
Rich and seductive, this scent inspires ease, confidence, and grace. Autumn-harvest honey awakens distinctive layers of fig, madagascar vanilla bean, and black walnut. Wear for relaxation, grounding, and comfort even under the most stressful circumstances. It supports the open expression of your absolute best qualities.

~ Lightning Storm ~
An intense blend for calling down the thunder. Petrichor and ozone, electrified metal, cold musk, bergamot, lime zest, cracked pink peppercorn, copal smoke, Indian myrrh, and teakwood. Wear when you're ready to turn your magic all the way up.

~ Rosewater Quince Compote ~
Elegant and refined, this scent showcases the blushing sweetness of quince slowly simmered in maple sugar and Persian rosewater. Wear to attract romantic attention from only the most worthy suitors, and shield you from those of ill intent.

~ Scaredy Cat ~
A blend for courage and confidence. Tobacco flower, nag champa, white amber, warm fur accord, Omani musk and molten caramel. Wear when you need to be poised and fearless. It's an indispensable ally during interviews, presentations, exams, or first dates.

~ Siamese Cat ~
Sleek and sophisticated, this scent is all about independence. Strong black tea, tobacco flower, fuzzy peach skin, mimosa blossom, and blush suede. Wear to remember your effortless individuality, power, and conviction.

~ Squash Blossom ~
These bold yellow blooms have very little scent of their own, so I dreamed up an accord to compliment their joyful beauty. Cocobolo wood, orris root, carrot seed, sunflower petals, mandarin zest, and acorn squash baked with brown sugar. Wear to illuminate the solar plexus chakra and cultivate fearless self-assurance.

~ Starlight & Spidersilk 2021 ~
Swift and skillful, her instinct's artistry glimmers with deadly precision. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, and tiny black vanilla beans.

~ Strawberry Rhubarb Jam ~
Bright and balanced, this scent evokes the late Summer sweetness that mellows into Fall. Garden-grown strawberries simmered in white sugar with a snap of rhubarb and a touch of fresh basil leaf. Wear to inspire friendship, trust, and joyful connection.

**Last chance!**
The following Archive Scents will not be re-blended this year, only remaining stock will be available.

~ Black Cat ~
A traditional folk magic blend for fast luck and abundant blessings.
Darkly sweet pipe tobacco, blackcurrant, and chai spices amid the swirling smoke of sacred nag champa and myrrh. Wear this dusky potion to invoke protection and great fortune.

~ First Harvest: Grain ~
Acres full of sunlight, tall and bountiful, a golden expanse of promise.
The earthy scent of oatstraw and hay drying in the late-summer fields. Wear this scent to attract abundance and manifest wealth. Anoint copper pennies and bury to the East of your home to sow the seeds of prosperity.

~ Murder of Crows ~
A gothic gathering of blue-black plumage and keen, glittering eyes. Nag champa, smoldering myrrh, and tobacco sparked with clove bud, violet, fir needle, star anise, and currant. Anoint your pulse points in preparation for nocturnal magic, dreamwalking, or astral travel.

~ Mystery of Maple Walk ~
Whispering leaves flutter down in shades of livid crimson. Their secrets die with nightfall and the silent portent of snow. This comforting blend inspires relaxation and a deep sense of calm contentment. Sugar maple swirled with spices, dragon's blood, dark woods, frozen flakes of vanilla and a single drop of the blackest black cherry.

~ Porch Swing ~
A lazy Autumn afternoon when the sun is setting gold. Oakwood, amber, pear preserves, skin-warmed cotton, fresh rhubarb, rosemary, and tea. Wear this calming, centering blend to bring you back to the present moment. Warm in a diffuser to set a relaxed mood in your home.

~ Yellow Leaves ~
The scent of vibrant life in defiance of darkening days. Blooming moringa, olivewood, coriander, oakmoss, tangerine, and helichrysum. Wear for strength, resilience, and grace during times of transition.


Continuous Collection:

~ Black Moon ~
This proliferant perfume is teeming with generative force and fierce fecundity. It nourishes and the seeds of intention, filling them with raw vitality. It's a master of manifestation, propelling invocations toward fulfillment ... so be careful what you wish for.
Dark incense coils about an ebony altar abounding in spiced fig preserves, saffron-poached plums, green mandarin, and honey on the comb.

~ Blanket Fort ~
Comfort. Cuddles. My fur babies and my fur-less baby are often burrowed in their fluffy caves. I feel very loved when they ask me to join them.
Cotton flower, grey suede, warm amber, green fig, tumbled teakwood, and raw vanilla bean.

~ Blue Moon ~
A rare moment of celestial power: the second consecutive full moon within one calendar month or astrological sign. Like the Black Moon, this event holds amplified power to support spellwork and access hidden reserves of magical potency. A diaphanous lunar musk entwines living honeysuckle and sugared blue raspberry. Wear when casting your most heartfelt and ambitious spells.

~ Charisma Bonus ~
A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

~ Gargoyle ~
Mysterious sculptural denizens of Gothic architecture said to offer fierce protection or dire warning. Rain-drenched lavender, cathedral incense, beeswax candles, and ancient stone. Wear as an energetic shield against all misfortune and malefaction.

~ Grey Cat ~
An ode to my very own regal and ridiculous familiars. Dry smoked vanilla, fluffy marshmallow creme, fresh blueberries, the gentlest touch of lavender and a warm cup of Earl Grey. Wear this comforting blend to attract friendship, allies, and supportive people. It's a potent addition to a Honey Jar or any spellcraft for sweetening relationships.

~ Liquid Luck ~
Made with wild-harvested four-leaf clovers, this potion confers great good fortune upon its wearer. A gorgeously green bouquet of night air and dewy grass, charmed galbanum and benzoin, Irish moss, carrot seed, living shamrock and freshly turned earth. This enchanted scent was made with the help of the fabulous Coldie Armstrong, who generously contributed her own four-leaf clovers.

~ Little Brown Rabbit ~
An auspicious blend for abundance and great good fortune. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, pink pepper, and a trace of carrot seed.

~ Parisian Pink ~
My other favorite color.
Peony petals, a suede settee, osmanthus, silk tree, spun sugar, Margaret Merril roses, pink grapefruit, and antique sandalwood.

~ Silver Fox ~
An elegant blend for charm, poise and decorum.
White tea with honey and rice milk, almond macaron, soft grey cashmere and cool woodland musk. Wear when you must put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.

~ Starlight & Spidersilk ~
Swift and skillful, her instinct's artistry glimmers with deadly precision. This beguiling blend empowers you to ensnare the objects of your desire and attract every manner of earthly delight. Slender strands of cotton flower hung with trembling dewdrops, cold crystalline musk, and tiny black vanilla beans.

~ Tryptophan ~
A soothing sleep blend to lull you into a deep and restorative night's rest. Softest sandalwood, warm vanilla and clary sage are accented by precious blue chamomile and subtle french lavender. Please note: there is no actual tryptophan in this fragrance.



Indie Mood collaboration (Indie Mood's Instagram)

 ~ Indie Mood: Liv ~
The fecundity of the untamed forest at twilight. Earthy patchouli, deep incense, wild blackcurrants, and the lingering smoke of a maplewood fire.

~ Indie Mood: Giulia ~
Unabashed refinement and sheer elegance. White santal and sunwashed teak edged with vetiver, silk, and chilled Earl Grey.

~ Indie Mood ~
The dynamic harmony of light and shadow. Lapsang souchong tea, sumptuous velvet, labdanum and tonka punctuated by precious Peru balsam.


Cobalt Druid Continuous Collection

~ Beauty ~
This fragrance illuminates your charms and amplifies allure, encouraging self care and the avid appreciation of your finest qualities. An exquisite air of Caribbean teakwood, nectarine, water lilies, Magdagascar vanilla, heirloom roses, tobacco flower, and lavande de Provence over smooth tonka bean. Wear any time you need to be reminded of your innate perfection. Employ in rituals of attraction to awaken your inner radiance.

~ Black Cat 2022 ~
A traditional folk magic blend for fast luck and abundant blessings.
Darkly sweet pipe tobacco, blackcurrant, and chai spices amid the swirling smoke of sacred nag champa and myrrh. Wear this dusky potion to invoke protection and great fortune.

~ Chill ~
A gently cooling blend to help you keep a level head and a calm disposition, even when tempers flare. Ice blue aquatic notes, crisp cucumber, crisp cotton, and fresh-cut aloe.

~ Clarity ~
A fresh, bracing blend to wake you up, clear confusion, and banish brain fog. Fresh cut rosemary leaves mingle with bright orange zest, smoothed by a touch of sweet amber. This is the scent that graced our popular Smartypants soy candle and incense.

~ Creative Spark ~
An illuminating blend to summon your muse and elevate your skills. Lime zest, sparkling white grapefruit, bergamot, allspice, sun-warmed teak, cardamom pods, amber resin, frankincense, fresh green fig, and a wisp of Chinese trumpet lily. Apply to pulse points when engaging in your craft. Anoint the tools of your trade or dress candles to invoke artistic acumen.

~ Deep Healing ~
A powerful blend for emotional restoration and braving the depths of the fathomless psyche. Deep ocean water, bracing wind, cold clary sage, and fresh rain-drenched greens. This is the scent that graced our popular Deep Healing incense and "Splash!" Bath Spell.

~ Druid ~
An attuning blend to bring energies into harmonious balance with Nature and All that Is. Ancient woods, verdant mosses, river stones, smoldering firewood and deep red dragon's blood.

~ Energy Shield 2021 ~
Everyday protection against malefaction, to banish bad vibes and keep toxic people away. A dark elderflower chypre with black agarwood wood, tonka bean, frankincense and fig. This oil is infused with black tourmaline, renowned for its power to safeguard its bearer and the surrounding environment. It dispels negativity from others as well as from within one's self. Wear this deeply resinous perfume to ward off general energetic gunk, or anoint black candles to guard you from specific attacks.

~ Full Moon ~
At the height of her power, the moon adorns each wisp of cloud in a luminous mist of diamonds. Wear this sacred scent to invoke mystery, magick, and intuition. Notes of white tea, steamed jasmine rice, sugared lemon, and cool night air.

~ Guiding Star ~
A magical compass to navigate you steadily along your unique spiritual path. Australian white sandalwood, green tea, acacia, bright amber, flowers of lavender and angelica, Persian lime, Palo Santo, a touch of sage, and a twist of orange. Wear this enchanted oil for clarity, insight, and to help you choose wisely.

~Justice ~
A no-nonsense magical blend to cut through deception and neutralize ill-gotten advantage. It rewards fairness, honesty, and ethical conduct so that those who act with integrity are propelled toward success. Austere oakmoss and cedar are brightened with blackberry, sweetened with tonka bean, and grounded with rich pipe tobacco.

~ Love ~
Intimacy in a bottle. A blend to enhance your natural magnetism and power to forge passionate connections. The softest sugared rose dances with resplendent vanilla in flickering candlelight.

~ Meditation ~
Precious woods and resins converge in a sacred incense to quiet the mind and elevate the spirit. Smoldering frankincense and myrrh, copal, nag champa, white sandalwood, golden amber, a trace of Buddha wood and a wisp of oudh. Wear to bring your consciousness into alignment with your will. It facilitates focus and tranquil clarity.

~ Money ~
A blend for bountiful blessings of earthly wealth. Generous helpings of offertory spices, baked into sweet cakes and served with good ale. 

~ New Moon ~
In the seamless expanse of ocean and sky, the moon is veiled in shadow. Her stillness and silence evokes infinite possibility, fecundity, and boundless potential. Wear this sacred scent to bless new beginnings and sow new seeds. It is particularly helpful in workings of manifestation. Notes of Tahitian coconut, almond blossom, clove buds, and cold starlight.

~ Peace ~
A gentle blend to instill a sense of calm and tranquility. Bulgarian lavender and honey are tucked into a soft bed of cooling clary sage and meditative sandalwood.

~ Prosperity ~
A deliciously updated version of New Orleans' traditional Money Draw oils.
Aged black patchouli, dark brown sugar, mandarin orange marmalade spiced with Ceylon cinnamon, clove bud, ginger root, saffron, cardamom, and the subtlest touch of toasted almond. Wear as a luxury perfume to manifest wealth, encourage generosity, and invoke great fortune. Anoint your cash so that every dollar you spend returns to you tenfold.

~ Protection ~
Sharp and brisk, the subtle scent of vigilant spirits watching over you. White clove, alpine air, and the subtle memory of lavender. 

~ Road Opener ~
This time-honored classic is renowned for its power to clear away obstructions and banish energy blocks. It illuminates the path to success in all areas. Scent notes of warm lemon tarts with the subtle freshness of green herbs and a base of smooth frankincense.

~ Sacred Space ~
The essence of Yin: receptivity, openness, pure potential. A misty, moss-covered glen, a simple wooden pagoda, steam from a cup of black tea, a tendril of incense smoke. Wear to evoke stillness and silence, to cultivate deep peace.

~ Seduction ~
A boldly sensual blend for enticement and attraction. Opulent flowers, piquant cloves, warm scarlet musk and hoodoo roots tangled in a potion of simmering vanilla.

~Success ~
A powerful blend for achievement, manifestation, and victory over adversity. High John the Conqueror root provides an earthy foundation for celestial frankincense, sweet patchouli, regal conifers and almond bark brightened with just a glimmer of fresh orange.

~ Sultry ~
A time-honored Hoodoo blend, famous for its power to attract passionate love as well as abundant wealth. Two dark, lascivious vanillas swirled with dragon's blood, heavy velvet musk and the secrets of an old rootworker's conjure cabinet.

~ Uncrossing ~
Banish the bad vibes with this time-honored Conjure blend for cleansing and purification. Blue vervain, white sage, and pungent bay leaves are woven into a delicate bouquet of young lavender and fresh, dewy rose.