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Store Policies, Shipping and Turn Around Time

Nui Cobalt Designs is cruelty-free.  Most of our scents are also Vegan, but will include a note in the product description if we used a component like bee-pollen or such.

Nui Cobalt Collections: We offer monthly seasonal collections of scents, candles and other items.  These collections are usually available for 3-4 months.  Most collections do return annually, but we occasionally permanently retire a product or entire collection.

You can review our available scent list for descriptions of all current NCD scents.

The yearly rotation is certainly subject to change, but this was 2022:
Jan: Valentines
Feb: Bees
Mar: April Fools (British Baking Show)
Apr: Critters
May: Fae Folk & Otherworldly Beings
Jun: Big Island
Jul: Witches Utility collection
Aug: Autumn I
Sep: Autumn II/Halloween
Oct: Astrology
Nov: Yule
Dec: Geeks and Gamers
Our Cobalt Druid, Continuous Collection, and Archive are available year-round, too.
Continuous Collection: This collection is a special extended time run of some of our most popular scents.  Scents may be rotated in/out and some scents may be removed if we have a component issue.

Additionally, the Cobalt Druid line of scents is always available, though we do retire/replace a few scents from it from time to time.  Many of our beeswax candles are available year round.

Archive scents - These are scents from previous collections that we don't plan to reblend this year and are only selling what we have poured/stored. While it doesn't mean we'll never reblend or reformulate these scents, they may have a component that the vendor no longer offers. It's probably useful to consider them discontinued, with the slight chance we'll reblend in the future.

Turn Around Time:  7 Days for all orders, excludes customs or pre-order items.
We aim for all orders to be shipped within 7 days.  If your order included a pre-order or custom item, turn around may be longer. As a small family business, we can't specifically guarantee an exact turn around time, but always strive to ship as quickly as possible.

USA Shipping Rates:  

  • $2.95 to $4.95 USPS First Class (Average 3-5 days travel time, order must be under 1 pound to qualify. Rate determined by weight/distance.)
  • $8.95 to $13.95 - USPS Priority mail shipping (Average 2-3 days travel time. Rate determined by weight/distance.)
  • Free shipping on orders over $100

Intl duties, VAT and taxes:  Unless pre-paid at checkout, customer is responsible for all import fees, duties, VAT or other taxes/fees.

Canada Shipping Rates:

  • Canada - $10.95 to $16.95 by weight - First Class Int'l.
  • Canada - Free shipping on orders over $150

    International Shipping Rates:

    • $14.25 to $24 by weight - First Class Int'l. Travel time varies, at least one week.
    • Free shipping on orders over $225 (International)
    • On international orders, we reserve the right to hold an order if the weight or shipping charges are significantly above agreed fees.  We will contact the buyer and discuss options to process the order.  If we can come to an agreement we will ship the package, otherwise we may have to cancel the order.


    Pick-up orders at The Magical Druid: Please contact us ahead of time to arrange this service. 

     Combined Orders:  We will combine order automatically if the name/address match and we refund shipping charges if we combine orders.  However, please keep in mind that we pack & ship fairly quickly.  If an order has already been picked up by USPS, then we will not be able to do order merges.  Our shipping notices go out a few hours after the package has been shipped.


    Returns & Refunds: We do not accept returns on customized orders or personal care items including scent oils & bath spells. Otherwise, Nui Cobalt Designs accepts returns within 14 days of purchase. Please contact us prior to returning a purchase. Item must be in the original packaging and in perfect, unused condition. We cannot reimburse for return shipping fees.  We recommend insuring & including tracking on your return package, as we can not offer refunds on items lost in transit.

    Talismans:  "Please handle with kindness and loving care, as the living spirit of each talisman is inclined to treat its keeper as it is being treated.  Additionally, handcrafted jewelry is fragile so we do not recommend wearing it while performing manual labor, exercising, bathing or sleeping." - Nui Cobalt

    Repairs (Jewelry): If an item arrives damaged or requires repair within 14 days of purchase, it may returned for a complimentary repair. Please contact us prior to returning a purchase for repair. Repairs beyond the 14 day time frame are available at Nui Cobalt Designs' discretion with repair fees starting at $35 and to vary by the requirements of the repair. Exact matching materials and ideal astrological conditions cannot be guaranteed.

    Customized Orders: Customization to existing, in stock items are available at Nui Cobalt Designs' discretion. All customized orders are not returnable. Please contact us regarding any requests. Customization fees start at $35 and vary by the requirements of the modification.

    Service:  We reserve the right to refuse/refund an order for any reason.  This may include, but is not limited to, an item is out of stock, excessive shipping fees, shipping service having severe delays or delivery issues, or other order issues.  If we must refuse/refund any part or total order, we will contact you.

    Payment Plans:  We do accept payment plans for items over $150.  See are rules and details on the Payment Plan page.