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Elemental Talisman: Fire

  • 19000

series of 4

Carnelian smolders with vigor and strength. It reinforces joy and aligns the physical and emotional bodies for sustained well-being. It is emotionally restorative, replenishes vitality, supports healthy sexuality, and ignites motivation. It dissolves anxiety and encourages trust in one's instincts.

The Fire Talisman is handcrafted and charged while the moon is waxing in Aries. This Fire sign channels the power of the spirit, igniting courage, drive, optimism, and confidence.

Wear this talisman to increase stamina, raise energy, and restore motivation. It allows you to harness your passion, focus your power into the tasks that matter most, and propel you swiftly toward success.

Sterling silver necklace, adjustable from 18" to 19"

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