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April Fools '21 - Sample Set

April Fools '21 - Sample Set

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A sample set of our five April Fools 2021 scents:

  • ~ Pish-Tosh: Passionfruit Custard Tart ~
    A bright, tropical tang complements smooth vanilla custard cradled in classical shortbread crust. Wear for protection against interpersonal drama and discord. It conjures an instantly sunnier disposition and enchants any room with the spirit of levity.
  • ~ Preposterous! Strawberry Shortcake ~
    Sun-ripened strawberries are sliced fresh over soft vanilla cake and topped with a scant teaspoon of whipped cream. Wear to dispel stress and anxiety. It serves to ease the mind and soothe the spirit.
  • ~ Canard: Fresh Lime Sorbet ~
    Gorgeous Persian limes plucked straight from the tree and blended with ice, vanilla simple syrup, and grated stem ginger. It is served in a fine crystal compote garnished with fresh mint, a slice of cucumber, and a slender sprig of rosemary. Wear to cleanse the proverbial palate of all negative energy. It’s particularly helpful when recovering from interpersonal conflict.
  • ~ Kazzate: Tiramisu ~
    The beloved Italian classic: golden vanilla lady-fingers infused with espresso and Marsala wine, then layered with sweet mascarpone, and finished with a fine dusting of cocoa. Wear when you need to slow down and restore calm. It’s a uniquely grounding and stabilizing blend.
  • ~ Hokum: Blueberry Cobbler ~
    The welcome simplicity of garden-grown blueberries baked under oatmeal cinnamon streusel. Wear to cut through confabulations and intrigue to reveal the very heart of the matter.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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