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One of a kind

See deeply into the truth, do not flinch or turn away. Allow complexity to be fully present, let every facet shine in its own time. And once the whole has been cherished and acknowledged, once every filter and fallacy is gone, a deep and abiding peace will bring the heart and mind together.

Turquoise is a sacred stone of friendship and equality. It vibrates at the frequency of mutual respect, open communication, and the ardent pursuit of understanding. It opens the path between the heart and throat chakras, allowing emotion and intellect to work in harmony. Blue sapphire cleanses atmospheric energies and supports intuition. In Vedic Astrology, this stone is sacred to Saturn who presides over beginnings, endings and manifested reality.

Auspex is handcrafted and charged as the full Aquarian moon sextiles newly direct Saturn in Sagittarius. This unique configuration crackles with electric insight and startling revelation.

Wear these talismans to invoke your Inner Genius, to elevate the mind beyond sterile data and into meaning. They reveal what is hidden, dissolve illusion, and bring you to true, holistic understanding.

Gold-filled, french wire earrings

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