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Bees 2024 - Discovery Set

Bees 2024 - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our new Bees 2024 scents:

~ Honey Trap ~
A calculated concoction for halting gossip, keeping secrets, and moving in silence.
Yellow snapdragon, white rose, early spring honey, candied lemon peel, clove bud, and Venus flytrap accord.
Wear to protect your privacy and shield yourself from prying eyes.

~ Parisian Apiary ~
Rooftop hives in the City of Lights inspire this sweetly chic huile de parfum.
Cherry blossom, silver linden, white pear, and cafe au lait sweetened with French honey.
Wear for creativity and resourcefulness in all your endeavors.

~ Aphro-Bee-Siac ~
An adventurous infusion for ardor and fascination.
Black vanilla bean, dragon’s blood resin, ambrette seed, wood musk, barely a spritz of blood orange, and spiced Beltane honey infused with orris root.
Wear this powerful potion to magnetize the object of your desire.
* Please note, this scent contains cinnamon and should be avoided by those with cinnamon sensitivities.

~ Nocturnal Bees ~
Inspired by the solitary Indian Carpenter bee, the only truly nocturnal bee yet discovered, this unique scent is designed for innovators and independent thinkers.
Forbidden rice, honeyed black walnut, wild violet, moonflower, and night-blooming jasmine.
Wear to break free from convention and blaze your own trail.

~ Bee Not Afraid ~
What if biblically accurate angels were actually just bees?
Angelic incense, cirrus clouds, glowing beeswax candles, bedstraw, and honey gathered from an ancient cathedral hive.
Wear to create a sacred sanctuary around you, no matter where you are.

~ Honeycomb Conjecture ~
An olfactory ode to the mathematically optimal form.
Crystallized honey, sturdy oak, cedarwood, granite, ebony, and roasted roots.
Wear for strength, groundedness, alignment, and calm self-assurance.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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