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Nui's Favorite Things 2024 - Discovery Set

Nui's Favorite Things 2024 - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our new Nui's Favorite Things 2024 scents:

~ Strolling the French Quarter ~
A scent portrait of Autumn in New Orleans.
Red brick soaked with rain, humid jasmine, creamy gardenia, pralines, and a wisp of conjure shop incense.
Wear to feel right at home wherever you may roam.

~ A Galaxy of Fireflies ~
The spark of a first kiss echoed a thousandfold.
Delicate sweet pea, garden basil, honeydew, unripe citrus, bioluminescent musk, absinthe, and ambrette seed.
Wear to enliven the spirit, start a new chapter, and catalyze beautiful changes.

~ Art Deco ~
A sleek and sophisticated composition for timeless glamor.
Black lilac, sandalwood, cassis, and liatrix, with a subtle glimmer of lemon verbena.
Wear for polished poise and impeccable eloquence.

~ Nostalgia ~
Innocence encapsulated in a watercolor bouquet.
The softly tousled hair of a favorite doll, creased diary pages, moon-lit water lilies, and tiny drops of honeysuckle nectar.
Wear to enhance memory, support lucid dreaming, and heal the Inner Child.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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