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Nui's Favorite Things - Sample Set

Nui's Favorite Things - Sample Set

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A sample set of our 7 new 7 Nui's Favorite Things scents:

~ Breakfast ~
‘Nuff said.
Buttered blueberry pancakes with Vermont maple syrup, warm cinnamon rolls, fresh squeezed orange juice, steamy black tea, and toasted almond croissants.

~ Goth Club ~
It was the Darkness that was dancing; I just rode its wake.
Fog machine, clove cigarettes, sweet patchouli, skin-warmed leather, smoldering myrrh, cabernet, scarlet musk, and the well-worn wood of the dance floor.

~ Excelsior! ~
Stories of magic and mystery, of heroes and hope restored, of misfits and outcasts becoming the very light they quested for.
The scent of radioactive spider venom, coconut metal, Earl Grey, hot, and an origami unicorn drowned in starlight.

~ Parisian Pink ~
My other favorite color.
Peony petals, a suede settee, osmanthus, silk tree, spun sugar, Margaret Merril roses, pink grapefruit, and antique sandalwood.

~ Witchy Shoppe ~
You can feel it as soon as you walk in the door. You can tell when it's the real deal, because it feels like you’ve come home.
Oakmoss, copal smoke, Nag Champa, frankincense, Tibetan cedarwood, tonka bean, black walnut, clove bud, Egyptian musk, an unobtrusive trace of sage, and a pinch of graveyard dirt.

~ Blanket Fort ~
Comfort. Cuddles. My fur babies and my fur-less baby are often burrowed in their fluffy caves. I feel very loved when they ask me to join them.
Cotton flower, grey suede, warm amber, green fig, tumbled teakwood, and raw vanilla bean.

~ Sun Room ~
A dream of mine is to have a room with perpetually perfect humidity, floor to ceiling windows, and way too many plants. I imagine it would smell like stepping into a florist’s fridge, or the tropical plants section of the nursery. So that’s the picture I strove to paint, here.
Persian lime, styrax, damp moss, Hawaiian sandalwood, Peru balsam, rain and green patchouli.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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