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Astrid Perfume: Samhain (2019)

Astrid Perfume: Samhain (2019)

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New Moon in Scorpio
October 2019

A wearable perfume and intent-laden oil for your spell work and meditative practices.
"I created this blend for starting anew, saying goodbye to things without fear, exorcising negativity in one’s life, disinfecting yourself from nasty people or thoughts, resting quietly from noise and violence so that you can move forward in a better and stronger state of heart and mind. You may use it on your self like a perfume oil, to anoint candles or objects, or to simply focus your attention to while meditating. This blend contains borage, calendula, geranium, rose, nutmeg, sweet orange, benzoin, tuberose, lemon, and black paper. May it bring you peace and strength, but maintain your sensitivity. Vegan and cruelty-free." - Astrid

Included in one of our Crone's Crates. You can order the upcoming Crone's Crate subscription box here.

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