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Astrid Perfume: She is Blossom

Astrid Perfume: She is Blossom

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This is the revealing of what is within us, it is the unfurling of our inner beauty, petals opening one by one to show each minute ounce of preciousness, until we have fully bloomed and are beheld in our fullness. Sometime we open to reveal as a small, subtle bloom. Sometimes we open to reveal a grand, force-to-be-reckoned-with bloom. This blend is a base of soft skin milk and velvety oakmoss with a multitude of sugared wild blossoms and candied blooms: violet, freesia, lilac, lily of the valley, rose, orange blossom, lemon myrtle, and purple clover. I have made this blend to instill a feeling of renaissance, of joy, of starting again, and to celebrate the arrival of spring. (This blend contains a honey accord, but it is vegan.)

Included in one of our Crone's Crates. You can order the upcoming Crone's Crate subscription box here.

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