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Astrid Perfume: She is Crowned

Astrid Perfume: She is Crowned

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When a queen is crowned, she is, in a way, betrothed to her kingdom, to her land, to her people. She is bound in responsibility to all around her. That is the true purpose of someone in leadership: to care for those around you. It is not about ruling, oppression, and control. It is to guide and nurture. It is to listen and help heal. Beltane is often a time of hand fasting ceremonies between two persons, but it is also a time to see the way we are bound and connected to the earth, to others, and to the animals. Being fertile doesn’t have to only mean bringing life via giving birth. We can be fertile in how we live and treat the world around us. This is how we are all queens, crowned to reign in a manner where we all can thrive. This perfume is fit for a May Queen, connected to the world around her; luminous ruby grapefruit, gardenia, sugared rose petals, sparkling wine, strawberry, magnolia, cucumber, Sicilian lemon, warm tobacco, ginger, cinnamon, and a whisper of bergamot mint.

This perfume was included in one of our Crone's Crates. You can order the upcoming Crone's Crate subscription box here.

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