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Astrid Perfume: She is Darkness

Astrid Perfume: She is Darkness

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This perfume acknowledges the dark aspect of the feminine. The face of death, of loss and grief, the closing down of life to sleep, revering the dead, letting go, the profound strength in closing the door to life and of what we love so much. This perfume honors the goddesses of death and the underworld such as the Morrigan, Hecate, Persephone, Kali, Isis, Erishkigal, and Libitina. This perfume is a very dark and sweet blend of black and red currant, blackberry, dark woods, black amber, sweetened anise, tobacco, clove, wild thyme, wild mint, myrrh, and cinnamon.

Included in our 2018 Samhain Crone's Crate. You can order the upcoming Crone's Crate subscription box here.

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