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Astrid Perfume: She is Feral

Astrid Perfume: She is Feral

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Working on this perfume, I fell down a rabbit hole reading about Demeter (Ceres) and the abduction of her daughter Persephone (Proserpina). As I read about their story, it had me thinking about when children are taken from their mothers and about the lengths women will go to, to find their child again.  It made me think about immigrant children being separated from their mothers by the US government. It made me think about how many of us are wild with rage over the inhumane treatment of others. And that brought me back to how utterly unhinged and ferocious Demeter was when she lost her daughter and how overwhelmed she was with the sole purpose to find her again. This blend, the last perfume I have created for this cycle, is a blend about the feral passion and fury to restore stolen love and joy. I was thinking about a mother and daughter, but that relationship is just a symbol for a greater image. Your symbol could be truth or fairness to all or freedom to live quietly as a weirdo or kindness towards nature because many of these things are being stolen from us as I type this. My image for this perfume is Demeter soaked in the pouring rain, searching for her daughter, while reeking of all the harvest and bounty she is known for. She is Feral is orchard wood, golden delicious apple, Anjou pear, pomegranate, oat and barley accord, vanilla, black spruce, wild Atlas cedar, red musk, Ceylon cinnamon, and rain accord.
It has been an honor to create these perfumes for this cycle of sabbats. I realize that these may not have been a typical witchy interpretation of these sabbats, but I wanted to approach them from a slightly more personal, spiritual aspect than a traditional magical spell-casting aspect. Thank you for this journey and I hope these perfumes serve you with love, strength, kindness, inspiration, and courage.
~ Astrid of Astrid Perfumes

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