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Astrid Perfume: She is Waking

Astrid Perfume: She is Waking

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This perfume encapsulates the stirring of life from within. It is the moment before spring truly arrives. It is the bud that begins to be within the branch before it breaks the surface of the bark. It is the lamb that turns within its mother’s womb still not quite ready to come out into the world. It is the crone about to reappear, but as the maiden. It is you, wrapped tight in blankets, warm in bed, lightly stirring, consciousness waking, before you rise for the day. This is a quiet time when the ember is warm, but not a bold flame. This is a place of comfort and safety and respite. A languid and soft base of vanilla butter and marshmallow, a pair of lavenders, myrrh CO2, sacred frankincense, crushed rosemary leaf, and darkened amber warmed with glowing ginger oleoresin and clove. (Please note that this blend is not vegan as it contains butter CO2.)

Included in one of our Crone's Crate boxes. You can order the upcoming Crone's Crate subscription box here.

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