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December is majestic, she is effortless in her elegance. The cold, sharp, clarity of Midwinter, the bracing chill that enlivens the senses and graces every surface with its smooth sparkle.

Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals that emerge naturally - without any cutting or polishing - as water-clear, double-terminated prismatic jewels. This stone is a powerful ally in self-actualization and the achievement of harmony within one's own being. It facilitates attunement, amplifies clairvoyant talents, and removes obstacles to insight.

Ice is handcrafted and charged as Mercury in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Their mutually supportive connection fuels inspiration and innovative thought. They elevate our intellectual and intuitive functions to work in perfect synergy.

Wear these talismans to dispel delusion, remove mental blocks, and dissolve feelings of insecurity. They restore faith in one's power of perception and the accuracy of one's conclusions.

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