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Centurion Necklace

  • 26000

Pink coral supports and sustains emotional balance. It is a conduit of mystical force and assists in workings of manifestation. Lapis Lazuli raises vibrations and dissolves creative blocks. It is an empowering stone, instilling a sense of competence and faith in one's own abilities. It expands the mind, strengthens intelligence, and allows one to assimilate vast stores of knowledge.

Centurion is handcrafted from stones charged under the Full Moon in Gemini, where cerebral powers are heightened and the hunger for knowledge is piqued.

Wear this talisman to keep a level head and see clearly through complexity. It enhances mental acuity and sharpens focus. It is particularly adept at unravelling illusion and foiling attempts at deception.

Sterling silver necklace adjustable from 19 inches to 20 inches

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