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Dragon Scales

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one of a kind

His skin is an impenetrable shield of living stone, sleek and shining in the firelit night. The guardian of the guardian, the ward of the ward, standing fast against all manner of misfortune or ill intent.

Smokey quartz absorbs stale, stagnant energy and transmutes it into vitality. It brings darkness and light into synergy, harmonizing opposite forces and imparting resilience. Black jasper grounds and stabilizes the emotions. It anchors the power of intuition and ingenuity so that they may be utilized together to optimum effect. It also shields against curses or psychic attacks and reveals their origins, strengthening its bearer physically as well as mentally.

Dragon Scales is handcrafted and charged as Mercury stations direct in Capricorn, restoring and strengthening powers of perception, while fortifying and rebalancing energy.

This is a consummate talisman of protection. It deflects negativity, dissolves discord, and repels malefaction. It may be worn regularly to maintain clear and uncluttered energy, or consciously directed to break curses and alleviate crossed conditions.

Sterling silver bracelet

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