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JeCorey Holder Social Justice 2023 - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our 3 new gamer scents with label art and scent concept by JeCorey Holder.

~ Social Justice Ranger ~
Guardian of field and forest, she of the swift arrow who suffers neither bigotry or tyranny. Her keen eye penetrates the mists of deception and her aim is ever true.
An evergreen balsamic scent alive with dewy grasses, lush moss, chilled green tea, wild woodland berries and sweet resins.
Wear to recalibrate your discernment and refine your perspective when faced with complex social matters.

~ Social Justice Bard ~
Voice of the common folk, open arms for the lost and disenfranchised. His song restores hope in the cynic and compassion in the cold.
A swirl of spiced rum alight with the reflection of the fireplace, slowly toasting marshmallows, a tendril of smoke from a pipe, and decades-old suede.
Wear for grounding and centering, for a deep sense of comfort no matter where you are or who you’re with.

~ Social Justice Sorcerer ~
Weaver of potent enchantments, a banisher of hatred, and a mighty agent of Karma.
Ripe boysenberry, black amber, dragon’s blood, purple musk, liatrix, deep red Merlot, and the ancient leather of her grimoire.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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