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Geeks & Gamers 2024 - Discovery Set

Geeks & Gamers 2024 - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our ten new Geeks & Gamers 2024 scents:

~ Fey Touched ~
A glistening aura of elemental power to enhance all spellcraft.
Sunflower petals, honeyed almond, yuzu, sacred benzoin, and prismatic mist from woodland stream dappled in sunlight.
Wear to enhance the effect of any ritual or magical working.

~ Dwarven Fortitude ~
An earthy blend for vibrant health, vitality, and vigor.
Vetiver root reaching deep into fertile soil, soft deerhide accord, blackest patchouli, antique oakwood, and forge-warmed iron.
Wear for quick recovery from illness, injury, and trauma.

~ Elven Accuracy ~
A piquant perfume for clarity and precision.
Bright nasturtium flower, spiced mulberry jam, white cedarwood, pale musk, and liatrix.
Wear to sharpen the senses and improve all powers of perception.

~ Infernal Constitution ~
This fiendish fragrance casts a fiery shield around you.
Mulled plum wine, dragon’s blood resin, redwood, and smoldering oudh.
Wear for protection from harmful energies, either mundane or arcane.

~ Orcish Fury ~
An intense olfaction to alchemize primal rage.
Black amber, ginger root, mission fig, tobacco, patchouli, oudh, mahogany, and garnet musk.
Wear to channel anger healthily, and to make productive use of emotional energy.

~ Shadow Touched ~
A dusky philtre for stealth and sleight of hand.
Black vanilla, unsweetened chai, antique myrrh, Omani musk, rich pipe tobacco, agarwood, and unrefined cashmere.
Wear to make your moves in silence and keep your secrets safe from prying eyes.

~ Oath of Vengeance ~
A potion for divine justice.
Thorned blackberry bramble, strong Ceylon tea, Egyptian musk, peppercorn and a dark trace of myrrh.
Wear to invoke the powers of divine retribution.

~ Divine Smite ~
A radiant aura to align celestial powers with your own.
Silver musk, blue lotus, ambergris accord, chilled white tea, frankincense, and crackling atmospheric ozone.
Wear to increase the effectiveness of petitions, prayers, and sacred offerings.

~ Draconic Resilience ~
A stalwart spell for strength and reinforcement.
Glowing embers of cedarwood, oudh, and mahogany, supple leather, copaiba balsam, vermillion musk, and heat.
Wear to ameliorate the damaging effects of everyday stress and tension.

~ Bardic Inspiration ~
An uplifting aroma to empower your words and enthrall your audience.
Top notes of tangerine blossom and orchid, a heart of nutmeg and non-indolic jasmine, on a smooth foundation of ambrette seed and vanilla.
Wear for influence and eloquence in all communications.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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