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Rose with Steel Thorns

  • 9000

Series of 2

This talisman is a stalwart sentry, a guardian whose loyalty is as fierce as its vigilance. It stands as a barrier against all discord, envy, weakness and ill will, while soothing and supporting its bearer with love.

Spherical bloodstone sustains mental clarity and alertness under even acute stress. It supports physical endurance, eases pain and facilitates rapid healing. Hematite is renowned for its power to clear the energies of the body and draw out impurities. Black jasper grounds and stabilizes emotions. It anchors the power of intuition and ingenuity so that they may be utilized effectively. Ruby exudes primal force to ignite the sacral chakra, strengthen the will and sharpen the instincts. It awakens its bearer’s natural assertion and power of authentic self-expression.

Rose with Steel Thorns is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of Venus in Aquarius sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. Their connection yields a potent energy that is strong, passionate and unshakable in its commitment.

Wear this talisman in times of danger, stress or uncertainty to be assured of the loving and capable hands that guide you. It is particularly helpful in dealing with aggressive and domineering people, shielding you from their dysfunction and insecurity.

6.5" Sterling Silver bracelet

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