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Honey Cordial

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By sweetness and light, the heart is nourished and restored. By the elixir of beauty, the soul is freed and unfettered to soar into the sunrise. Like shining wings of dragonflies, we are apt to catch the dancing wind and tremble aloft in elation.

Morganite is supremely soothing to the emotions. It facilitates the painless release of grief to make way for newfound joy. It dissolves resentment, banishes cynicism and alleviates anxiety. It works to replenish the energies of the heart and clears the path to receiving love. Pearl is protective and nurturing. It provides reassurance and frees one to act fearlessly according to ones own true will. Rose gold vibrates at the frequency of peaceful contentment, attracting kindness and warding off negativity.

Honey Cordial is handcrafted and charged as the Libra moon sextiles Venus in Sagittarius. Their mutually supportive and enlivening connection avails itself to forgiveness, swift emotional healing, and optimism.

Wear this talisman to cultivate lasting relationships, to attract friends and lovers who are kind, compassionate, and generous. It guides you gently away from negativity, dissolving the ties that bind you to toxic, cynical people, and fosters connection with those with whom you are most truly compatible.

7.25" rose gold-filled bracelet

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