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The Hornet Whisperer

The Hornet Whisperer

  • 1995

A dear friend recently told me of her unique talent for shepherding the more aggressive varieties of stinging insects. She has the ability to guide them gently out of buildings, unscathed. She has moved and emptied bird feeders where they were swarming without a single sting. Her story inspired me to brew a potion for working with potentially volatile energies and spirits. I wanted it to be a source of support for when you’ve just got to dance with your demons and lean into the Left-Hand side of your magic.

Ripe plums, pomegranate, blackcurrant, and elderberry simmered in Merlot wine with Madagascar vanilla bean and a single bay leaf. Offertory incense of patchouli, myrrh, and syrupy pipe tobacco. Adorn yourself in this dusky perfume to honor your Shadow and invoke your sacred ferocity.

5 ml bottle or 1 ml sample

The Bees - 2021 & 2020 Collections

This is an Archive scent.  We are not planning any more reblends this year, just selling out remaining poured bottles/vials.

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