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It takes a unique blend of keen focus and ingenuity to coax truth from tangled signals. One must find the patterns hidden within the noise, and extract meaning where others see only static.

Howlite supports the mind on every level: opening to guidance, sharpening memory, and distinguishing fact from fallacy. It is calming to the emotions and allows for lucid thought, even under pressure. Snowflake obsidian sustains clarity and objectivity. It separates preconceptions from pure observation to assist in reaching more accurate conclusions. Black jasper is protective and grounding. Its stabilizing influence maintains balance during so much cerebral activity, so that you don't get "stuck in your head."

Codebreaker is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the New Moon in Gemini. In the sign of The Twins, the united luminaries penetrate the murkiest mysteries.

Wear this talisman to ensure honest communication and to readily detect misinformation. It is quite helpful to researchers, investigators, and journalists.

7" Sterling silver bracelet

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