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Dragonfly Soy Charm Candle with Charm

Dragonfly Soy Charm Candle with Charm

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A magickal candle for supporting spellcraft and walking between the worlds. It invokes the ethereal beings who emerge in the twilight hours. Light in preparation for ritual and to amplify your own powers of manifestation.

I wanted this scent to evoke the balmy summer nights here in Clintonville when everyone has Christmas lights glowing on their porches and the fireflies are lazy little stars hovering in the grass. And I have to say I am so happy with how it came out. Notes of key lime, vanilla, and white tea against a backdrop of dewy moss.

4 oz scented soy wax container candle with sterling silver charm
*please note: This candle is slightly smaller than our usual soy candles so that we may keep the cost consistent while including the sterling silver charm.

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