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Les Désirs Dangereux - Discovery Set

Les Désirs Dangereux - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our 13 Les Désirs Dangereux 2024 scents:

~ Collared ~
The yielding redolence of devotion.
Black calla lily, orris butter, oat milk, red satin sheets, ripe papaya, and a slender twist of yuzu.
Wear to release control and receive adoration.

~ Yes, Mistress ~
A commanding infusion for effortless self-assurance.
Smoldering red amber incense, blackcurrant sangria, stiletto steel, dark suede, and Imperial iris.
Wear to remember your inner strength and sovereignty.

~ Subspace ~
An intoxicating elixir for elevated consciousness.
Warm almond milk, dewy blue lotus, labdanum, gardenia, driftwood, and porcelain musk.
Wear to dissolve the mundane and enter a state of bliss.

~ Lure of the Lash ~
The sting and flush of ardent craving.
Blood orange, pink and white peppercorn, lurid musk, nasturtium flower, allspice, cathedral incense, dark patchouli, and tonka.
Wear to push your limits and expand your horizons.

~ At Your Command ~
A trembling air of anticipation.
Pistachio creme, coriander, black cardamom, and humid ylang flower.
Wear to find vibrant stillness and heightened awareness.

~ Voyeur ~
A subtle aroma for discretion and discernment.
Wet Bulgarian lavender, lemon verbena, old books, oakwood, and tweed.
Wear for calm focus and enhanced powers of perception.

~ Exhibitionist ~
A spectacle of clean skin, patent leather boots, emerald musk, quatre épices, and dewy green fig leaves.
Wear when you’re ready to abandon all pretense and let yourself be truly seen.

~ Aftercare ~
A soothing blend to restore equilibrium.
Green coconut water, chilled aloe, neroli, sacred benzoin, lemon balm, and creamy pink rose petal musk.
Wear to alleviate stress, fatigue, and sensory overload.

~ St. Andrew’s Cross ~
A sturdy scent for strength and stability.
Antique mahogany, iron, flushed skin musk, beeswax, and bay.
Wear for unfailing support through any ordeal.

~ Switch ~
A dynamic blend for complex people.
Champagne, Lady's Slipper orchid, Egyptian cotton, kudzu, pomegranate, and pink larkspur.
Wear for adaptability and to honor your freedom of choice.

~ Dominance ~
The captivating aura of quiet confidence.
Dark Vicuña wool, caramelized bourbon, Siberian Iris, ebony musk, and English ivy accented with pear.
Wear to turn every head without saying a word.

~ Submission
An elegant scent for blissful acquiescence.
Lotus silk, elderflower cordial, pale peach skin, honeysuckle, pillow moss, and slender bamboo.
Wear to elevate Yin and heighten receptivity.

~ Temple of Astarte ~
A regal and evocative paean to the Goddess.
Black vanilla, sandalwood, red patchouli, a spark of ginger, and sacred incense composed of cherrywood, benzoin, and nag champa.
Wear to awaken the Sacred Feminine.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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