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The Peacock's Tail

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A paean to regal Juno, queen of Olympus, patron of and wealth and rationality. In her temples, the coin of the realm was minted, as she blessed the wealth of the good, the shrewd, and the honorable. Her myriad watchful eyes oversee each exchange and ensure that all is correct and equitable.

Lapis lazuli expands the mind to cultivate wisdom and nurture understanding. It strengthens intelligence and allows one to assimilate vast stores of knowledge. Blue chalcedony is soothing and supportive of the throat chakra, allowing truth to come easily into consciousness as well as into speech. It increases the flow of intuition to align with logic. Citrine shines with confidence and clarity, uplifting the spirit and aligning fact with perspective. Deep blue goldstone is carefully crafted to suspend copper crystals in glass. It resonated at the subtle frequency of skill, patience and precision.

The Peacock's Tail is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the full moon in Scorpio, the sign of emotional and material exchange. Here, the lunar light empowers us to connect with worthy partners in order to meet the needs of all.

Wear this talisman while attending to financial matters, especially when seeking resources from others. It is an excellent ally when asking for raises, applying for loans, or creating a family budget.

19" sterling silver necklace

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