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The Prodigy

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This talisman honors the limitless potential inherent in each human being. It illuminates the talent, commitment, insight, and creativity that converge to reveal our greatest hidden abilities.

Chrome diopside stimulates the intellect and supports success in academic pursuits as well as artistic endeavors. It nurtures a calm and receptive state of mind to allow for optimum learning. Tsavorite garnet deepens awareness and transmutes knowledge into wisdom. It facilitates the process by which facts are absorbed and put to practical use.

The Prodigy is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of Mercury's entry into his home territory of Gemini. Here, the Winge'd Messenger sharpens focus, expedites communication and emphasizes accuracy.

Wear this talisman to optimize cerebral power. It promotes linear as well as non-linear thinking to ensure that no important detail is missed. It is particularly helpful in the study of subjects that are personally challenging. It enjoys turning tasks that you're "just not good at" into ones at which you excel.

6" sterling silver bracelet

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