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Into the loving arms of Mother Ocean, diving through her sunlit waves, we feel the weight of worry lifted from us. We surrender into the gentle current and she holds us close. She dissolves our sadness and frustration. In her living waters we're restored.

Green pearls are an allegory of loving kindness. The oyster detects an irritant: a tiny, jagged shard that wanders in and creates disruption. The response is not expulsion or inflammation; it is an embrace. This invasive speck is wrapped again and again in luminous softness, layer after layer, until there is nothing that hurts. There is only beauty. A jewel emerges from the simple fact of being received, kept safe and accepted. Pale peridot spheres clear away any emotional fatigue, self doubt or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of joy. It supports a light heart, an open mind, and fluid grace.

Yemaya is handcrafted and charged as Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces and both are sextiled by the Taurean moon. This potent celestial circuit encourages open and effusive expressions of affection. We're immersed in the nurturing potency of a fearless and unencumbered heart, brimming with compassion.

Wear this talisman to envelop yourself in infinite and unfailing love. It serves as a reminder of your own inherent divinity. It refreshes the mind, restores the spirit, and lifts even the heaviest heart.

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