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The embodiment of life, growth, and the abundance of Earthly treasures. She nourishes and sustains all creatures with boundless compassion and generosity.

Pyrite attracts wealth and protects existing assets. It is traditionally used in fast money spells and charms for good fortune. Tiger eye assists in identifying opportunities and remaining focused through the process of their fulfillment. It also wards off theft and dishonorable dealings. Green freshwater pearl nourishes the living seed of renewed joy, and fosters receptivity. Peridot clears away any fatigue, self doubt, or cynicism that may inhibit the flow of abundance. It supports a light heart, an open mind, and a generous spirit. Smokey quartz absorbs stale, stagnant energy and transmutes it into vitality. It brings darkness and light into synergy, harmonizing opposite forces and imparting resilience.

Gaia is handcrafted and charged as the Cancer moon sextiles both Venus in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo, as they move into a supportive trine. This is a potent configuration for settling debts, putting financial worries to rest, and cultivating sustainable prosperity.

Wear this talisman to optimize business acumen and open roads to success. It reveals hidden opportunities and ensures steady affluence.

Sterling Silver Bracelet, adjustable from 7 inches to 8 inches

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