Wand of Mercury - 1 – Nui Cobalt Designs

Wand of Mercury - 1

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This exquisite wand is handcrafted by artist Kevin Brady of Acme Wand Supply, exclusively for Nui Cobalt Designs.

Lignum Vitae, the renowned hardwood lauded for its healing and protective properties. Legend has it that the wand of Merlin was hewn from this uniquely potent tree. Sterling silver bands surround lampwork glass in vivid mercurial yellow at the tip, and midnight blue at the base. Their complementary opposition invokes the polarized and electrical nature of The Celestial Messenger.

The Wand of Mercury is handcrafted and charged at the time of Mercury's Direct Station, the merciful conclusion of his retrograde period and the return of his fully expressed power.

Wield this wand in workings for health and healing, for keen intellect, and for eloquence in speech. It is an excellent and loyal instrument of power for orators, writers, doctors, and educators.


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