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A Dream in Winter Earrings

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One of a kind

In the blink of an eye, the candles were alight upon the tree. Its evergreen limbs stretched out and up, past the height of the staircase, to the very ceiling. At its foot, each of the glistening gilded dolls stirred to life. They walked of their own accord, moved freely as you please, and bowed low to the stalwart soldier who stood now at Clara's side.

Blue sapphire cleanses atmospheric energies and supports intuition. In Vedic Astrology, this stone is sacred to Saturn who presides over beginnings, endings and manifested reality. Clear quartz is a powerful ally in self-actualization and the achievement of harmony within one's own being. It facilitates attunement, amplifies clairvoyant talents, and removes obstacles to insight. Iolite empowers the third eye, encouraging clear and rapid transmission from highest Guidance. It grants access to divine consciousness and distills vast, sophisticated concepts into succinct articulation.

A Dream in Winter is handcrafted from stones charged as the waxing moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing the loftiest dreams and most ardent desires into manifested reality.

Wear these talismans when what you seek seems outside the realm of possibility. It illuminates the path to achievement and guides you toward its full realization. It also assists in making room in your life for the fulfillment of wishes and supports you in dreaming bigger.

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