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Sistrum of Hathor

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Series of 4

This talisman is named for the sacred instrument of Egypt's maternal goddess and fierce protector.  Its soothing, steady rhythm confers blessings of peace and providence upon its bearer.

Tiny petals of rose, the Queen of Flowers, are resplendent with love, grace and kindness.  A single sea shell vibrates with the force of the fathomless ocean.  It restores a sense of unity with all of life. Green freshwater pearl is soothing to the heart chakra, nurturing compassion for self and others.  It inspires deep, intuitive awareness of Universal human connection.  Selenite moves energy smoothly and evenly, maintaining a clear and uncluttered auric field.  Yarrow flower repels negativity and is healing as well as protective.

Sistrum of Hathor is born under the auspices of two consecutive Full Moons of considerable power.  It is handcrafted and charged under the exalted full moon in Taurus.  The selenite is additionally empowered under the auspices of the selenion eclipse in Aries.

Wear this amulet to steady your nerves and soothe your spirit.  It is an excellent source of emotional support on a day-to-day basis.  It is particularly useful in dissolving interpersonal tension.

Silver plated pendant and 18″ chain.

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