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The Cove

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Soothing and cleansing, this talisman banishes any discordant vibrations in the area.  It's a private beach, a secret sanctuary to carry with you and keep your soul at peace no matter where you are.

Rosemary is an herb of purification and protection.  Among its many folk names is Dew of the Sea, as it adorns the sunlit hillsides of the sparkling Mediterranean.  Tiny sea shells vibrate with the force of the fathomless ocean.  They restore a sense of connectedness and unity with all of life.  Smooth sea glass represents the beauty of the eternal cycle of creation and dissolution.  Plumeria, that sacred healing flower of most transcendent fragrance, is radiant with the energy of unconditional love.

The Cove is handcrafted and charged under the auspices of the Full Moon in Pisces.  Its calming influence penetrates down through the deepest layers of the psyche and promotes healing at a fundamental level.

Wear this talisman for emotional protection when you must be in the presence of difficult people. It generates a soft psychic shield, like an invisible embrace that gently repels negativity while emitting healthy, nurturing energy.

Please note: Each piece is handmade and no two are identical.

Bronze toned craft metal pendant and 18" chain.

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