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Vision - 2024 Discovery Set

Vision - 2024 Discovery Set

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A discovery sample set of our 9 Vision scents for 2024:

~ Eye of the Storm ~
To support stillness and silence in the midst of chaos.
Aloe vera, ambergris accord, blue chamomile, lemon balm, night-blooming jasmine, clary sage, tonka bean, and a cooling trace of camphor.
Wear this soothing scent to release tension and alleviate stress.

~ Odin's Eye ~
For wisdom and strategy.
Iced blueberry, cedarwood, birch, crushed peppercorn, cardamom, frozen musk, and white amber. Anoint pulse points and the Third Eye to ignite the fire of the mind and access cosmic knowledge.

~ Focus ~
A keen blend for concentration, sustained attention, and heightened awareness.
Fresh lime zest, rosemary, bay leaves, benzoin, green amber, marjoram, apricot skin, and oakmoss.
Wear this scent during research, analysis, and all manner of study. It assists in full comprehension and retention of data.

~ Visionary ~
A sophisticated scent for innovators and trail blazers.
Montserrat teakwood, pipe tobacco, tonka bean, coriander, liatrix, lime blossom, amber, and blackstrap molasses.
Wear to ignite creativity, inspire revolutionary thought, and encourage imagination.

~ Insight ~
A serene and introspective blend of blue lotus, chilled coconut water, lavender, white copal, and a whisper of heirloom rose.
Wear this gentle scent to facilitate meditation, pathworking, or lucid dreaming.

~ Second Sight ~
An illuminating scent to facilitate divination and heighten psychic talents.
Mugwort, crisp celery, silver cinquefoil, lily of the valley, and acacia.
Wear this magical perfume for clarity in oracular rites. It may also be used to anoint Tarot cards, Runes, and any tools of The Art.

~ Hindsight ~
An energizing blend to strengthen the memory.
Green tea, galangal root, rosemary, white sandalwood, and nutmeg.
Wear to invigorate the mind and banish brain fog. It is particularly helpful when thoughts get scattered by fatigue.

 ~ Foresight ~
A mystic blend for prognostication and planning.
Blooming angelica, precious saffron, orris root, sage, heliotrope, eyebright, and a subtle touch of star anise. Wear when plotting the course toward big dreams and long-term goals. It has a knack for dodging obstacles and delays.

~ Eagle Eye ~
A potion for elevated perspective.
Mountain springwater, trembling aspen, Scotch pine, stone musk, and cedar.
Wear this potent blend to dispel delusion and regain clarity. It is particularly useful in breaking through the clouds of pessimism.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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