CHARMfest 2022 – Nui Cobalt Designs

CHARMfest 2022

CHARMfest will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, featuring vendors, a panel discussion, and Tarot/Rune/Oracle readers.  Saturday 6/25/22 & Sunday 6/26/22 open to the public from noon until 6 pm on both days.

Tickets - Purchase tickets NOW on our CHARMfest ticket page.

Single day tickets are $15 and two-day passes are $25.  Available tickets will be limited by capacity.  Taxes and ticket fees are additional.



The stage is (finally) set for next year's inaugural voyage of CHARMfest: an Enchanted Maker's Faire. The vision is to hold this annual Makers’ Faire to support, encourage, and expand the reach of Indie Makers so that our entire industry can become more unified and prosperous.


Astrid Perfume – Astrid Perfume creates wearable art through fragrance. Her work is nspired by nature and esoteric themes with a motivation to elevate the wearer to a place of happiness and confidence.

Aqua Mama – Aqua Mama Healing provides Reiki services and classes to all who seek this awesome healing energy. In addition we handcraft with love and intention Reiki-infused jewelry and other crafts and create handmade natural salves to promote natural healing in all aspects of life.

AwandZ – I’ve always enjoyed making and fixing things. Several years ago I lost a very long term job and had always joked about selling items I’ve made as my friends always liked them. I never really have a detailed plan of what I’m going to make but a general idea of what I’d like to do and just jump in and start. I do so much with wood as I enjoy the imperfections and even try to bring them out. A warped wood grain, weird knot, twisted branch, vines, old copper, discarded wood and even broken broom handles all have their individual “perfect” imperfections.

Cosmic Vibes Tarot – Meet Anjole. With over 30 Years experience as a Psychic & Spiritual Advisor, Anjole can see into your past and present conditions and give professional and practical advice for a Bountiful and prosperous future based on Tarot Cards, Intuition, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, signs and symbols.

CrystalKat – CrystalKat LLC is the umbrella under which Kat Ferensen manifests magic through art and healing. A life long love of crystals and curiosity for alternative methods of healing have brought this Columbus, OH native to her current path as a jewelry maker and healing arts practitioner. Kat finds great joy in making intentional wearable art through the forming of metal and creating with crystals. She is greatly inspired by nature, symbolism, mysticism, magick, and the human spirit. You can find many of her creations at and you can follow her journey on social media @crystalkatart

Dream Mage Tarot – Monica Bushor hails from New Hampshire, and is a loving wife, and mother of four astounding young women (ages 23-7). Growing up in a normal, albeit large, loving, fairly mainstream family, Monica, from an early age had the ability to see and feel the spirits and energy that were around her. After many years of searching, experiencing, and awakening latent abilities she has found her true calling which combines her Christian background, Celtic shamanism, astrology, and archetypical studies. She shares her extraordinary gifts of tarot reading, mediumship, and spiritual life coaching to assist others in awakening and uncovering the magic within themselves.

The Grove Apothica – The Grove Apothica offers spiritual tools for every day magic. Intentional Handmade Jewelry and Pendulums, Hand-Picked Gemstones, and Energy Healing Grids to support your work within and without.

Holistic Charms – Holistic Charms is owned by Neva Massie. It has been a lifelong goal to be able to help people along on their Spiritual journey. Be it with readings, providing metaphysical supplies or simply being there to listen and care. Items available are candles, essential oils, smudging supplies, herbs, unique gift items and many handmade oils, sprays and herbal blends.

Midwest Witch – My name is Seqoya (Like the tree), my online name is the Midwest Witch. I have been practicing openly since 2016, I am usually a solo practitioner but I love a good ritual with friends. My art and my magick combine often, I try to do nothing without intention. I was born and raised here in Columbus, OH and baptized in the Christian church. My college years really moved me towards my true path and as an adult I have found spiritual comfort in the Goddess. A true Scorpio Sun I am a horror fan and love all things that lurk in the shadows. My practice involves aspects of Hinduism, Yoruba and Druidism. I am also affiliated with the Magical Druid (3165 N. High st.) you can find me there on Sundays working the store, teaching a class or doing tarot and birth chart readings.

MojoByJoe - Experienced jeweler. I design jewelry so metals and stones enhance one's energies. I've been a bench jeweler & designer for over 20 yrs.

Mystical Mantis Creations – Mystical Mantis Creations is a Columbus, Ohio operated business manifested by Christopher Thomas. He specializes in engraved metaphysical, spiritual, and custom pieces. Ranging from engraved ceramic tiles, pendulum boards, led nightlights, crystal grids, mirrors, magnets, and much more. Feel free to ask Christopher about any special or particular design you have in mind!

Nui Cobalt Designs – Handcrafted Magickal perfume oils, natural wax candles, and sundries for the Magickally-minded. Each is carefully charged under optimal astrological conditions. NCD believes the sacred objects that support your practice should be as beautiful as they are powerful. Forest Nui Cobalt, founder and Creative Director of NCD, has been a practicing Pagan for 32 years. Her grandmother was an accomplished Astrologer and Tarot reader. Forest currently lives in Columbus, OH with her son, husband, and cats. We hope you find a source of support and encouragement in the work that we do.

Obsidian Circle – Anthony has been a Diviner and practitioner of magic for over 30 years. Currently residing in Columbus, Ohio where he works as a Tarot reader and Bone Thrower at a local pagan store, The Magical Druid. Anthony is the founder of The Obsidian Circle an organization providing divinatory and magical services to the community as well as education and spiritual mentoring.

Paintbox Soapworks – Founded on something of a dare in 2009, Paintbox Soapworks has quietly grown into one of the cornerstones of the indie marketplace. PBSW is devoted to making small batch soaps, skincare, & bath products in unique & irreverent scents. This is a one-person show, & each product is made by hand using vegan-friendly, coconut-free, & custom formulas with no SLS, parabens, or phthalates. My goal is to get you clean & smelling amazing, & to work a little magic with every blend I make to transform & transport you. Every scent has a story!

Readings by Leilani – Leilani is a folk magic practitioner of Filipino, Sicilian, and Irish ancestry. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years, utilizing her intuitive gifts to help others see their truths clearly. Leilani is a mother, devotee of Our Lady, and a dancer. She has a cat named Raven who regularly blesses her tarot cards.

Sihaya & Company – Sihaya & Company is a purveyor of indie joy. We sell magical glittering candles with hand blended, unique fragrances that capture the magic of the natural and mythic world. We are also known for our long-running seasonal boxes that are produced in collaboration with our indie friends and colleagues, as well as our moisturizing lip color and shimmering fairy wing jewelry!

Willow Waxcraft – Willow WaxCraft specializes in unique scented candle wax melts that you can’t find anywhere else- designed to help you capture a memory,
create a mood, or set any scene your heart (and nose) desires! My philosophy is that home fragrance can smell as atmospheric, complex, and magical as perfume,
and I strive to design scents that are truly creative and distinctive-inspired by books, movies, nature, pop culture, and so much more. Come closer, adventurous souls-there’s a little magic in every melt!

Witchlab – In 2009 Tiffany Boggins founded WitchLab.  The humble beginnings, starting in her basement lab, offered occult perfumes, ritual oils, personal care products, tarot readings and classes on tarot and magic basics.  In 2018 the business found its brick and mortar home in Franklinton, OH and has now grown into a full fledged Occult, Oddities, and Antiques shop. At 2500 square feet, WitchLab offers a large retail area, as well as an ample classroom/workshop space in which you are welcome to come find your path or enhance your knowledge in spellcasting, elemental magic, tarot, astrology, herbalism, crystals, and just about anything witchcraft.  Warm atmosphere, teamed with knowledgeable staff ensures your visit will find you in good hands.   These days you can also find Tiffany hosting her show, WitchLab Wednesday Live, where she interviews witchy authors, artists, and all sorts of interesting characters.