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Astrology Part 1: Planets - Discovery Set

Astrology Part 1: Planets - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our ten Astrology Planets scents:

  • ~ Sun ~
    A warm, golden potion to nourish vitality, well-being, a secure sense of self, identity, authentic expression, play, free will, personal truth, inspiration, and integrity.
    Sunflower, saffron, carnation, fresh ginger, benzoin, satsuma, frankincense, amber, and a dash of cinnamon.
    *Please note, this blend contains cinnamon and should not be applied to skin if you have cinnamon sensitivities.
  • ~ Moon ~
    A luminous scent to support intuition, instinct, self-care, the soul, emotion, primal wisdom, the Unconscious, nurturing, and the fulfillment of essential needs.
    The phases of this moon begin with night-blooming jasmine reflected in rain, then gilded with melissa leaf, cotton flower, and coconut milk, finally settling into a soft silver musk entwined with white sandalwood.
  • ~ Mercury ~
    An ebullient blend for intellect, adaptability, keen perception, memory, problem solving, wit, eloquence, strategy, swiftness, accuracy, data collection and transmission.
    Oolong tea, fenugreek, a snap of raw rhubarb, zests of lime and orange, with subtle touches of lavender, honeysuckle, and fresh rosemary.
  • ~ Venus ~
    A sensual bouquet to nurture connection, empathy, poise, pleasure, equity, appreciation, glamor, allure, artistry, peace, and harmony within the self as well as with others.
    The ivory petals of opulent heirloom roses, silken shea, honeyed almond, Bourbon vanilla, Queen Elizabeth root, and a scant trace of Bulgarian lavender.
  • ~ Mars ~
    A bold concoction for strength, energy, courage, perseverance, assertion, executive function, fortitude, mettle, initiative, energy, motivation, and drive.
    Dragon’s blood, red leather, patchouli, basil leaf, pink peppercorn, black tobacco, agarwood, and crushed coriander.
  • ~ Jupiter ~
    An expansive aroma for optimism, exploration, philosophy, perspective, personal growth, good fortune, generosity, benevolence, and unprecedented success.
    Towering redwood trees, lush ferns, oakmoss, coumarin, Douglas fir, Himalayan cedarwood, nutmeg, clove, and a glimmer of lemon balm.
  • ~ Saturn ~
    An austere perfume for patience, discipline, maturity, solidity, structure, competence, diligence, wisdom, discretion, self-restraint, and temperance.
    Black oudh, imperial iris, bergamot, myrrh, patchouli, cypress, scorched poplar, tonka bean, and Moroccan musk.
  • ~ Uranus ~
    An unconventional fragrance to ignite independence, individuality, originality, innovation, unconventionality, foresight, ingenuity, and the spirit of Rebellion.
    Ozone, electrified metal, cracked ice, absinthe, almond, and unripe fig.
  • ~ Neptune ~
    A soothing aquatic scent to enhance dreaming, facilitate magic and meditation, increase psychic sensitivity, commune with divinity, cultivate universal compassion, release and surrender conventional consciousness.
    Salty sea mist, ambergris accord, blue lotus, azure musk, and a trace of petitgrain.
  • ~ Pluto ~
    An inscrutable accord for transformation, alchemy of the soul, unearthing hidden power, and touching the heart of the zeitgeist.
    Frozen stone, guaiac wood, opoponax, black soil, tangled roots, vetiver, patchouli, oudh, and pomegranate.

Set of 1 ml sample vials

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