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Astrology Part 2: Signs - Discovery Set

Astrology Part 2: Signs - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our 12  Astrology Signs scents:

~ Aries ~
A potion for courage, autonomy, assertion, ferocity, and the sheer power of will. Spiced espresso, blood orange, patchouli, kava kava, and crimson musk.
Wear to meet stress with conviction, to wield your strengths fearlessly, and to push through any obstacle.

~ Taurus ~
A bouquet for stability, peace, and the fulfillment of earthly desires.
Baltic green amber, lush fern, peony, blush suede, Queen Elizabeth root, and rich mahogany.
Wear for grounding, comfort, and to be fully present in the moment.

~ Gemini ~
A scent to awaken the mind and sharpen perception.
Crystallized ginger, lavender, fenugreek, moringa, forget-me-not, eyebright, and garden-fresh herbs. Wear when you need to think fast, elevate the intellect, and read between the lines.

~ Cancer ~
A gentle perfume to support tenderness, nurturing, and healthy vulnerability.
Cotton flower, steamed rice, soft sandalwood, vanilla orchid, coconut milk, and pearl musk. Wear for inner peace, soul-level soothing, and a deeply rooted sense of safety.

~ Leo ~
A bold blend to encourage creativity, self-expression, and a fierce loyalty to the authentic Self.
Honey bourbon, heliotrope, golden copal, galangal, yellow mandarin, and maple wood.
Wear to ignite your star quality, to showcase your talents, and to find comfort in the spotlight.

~ Virgo ~
A potion for precision, diligence, and meaningful productivity.
Olive suede, wild sandalwood, Persian lime, smoldering resins, and sprawling moss.
Wear this scent to reveal your talents, sharpen your skills, and manifest excellence.

~ Libra ~
An elegant air of grace, civility, and dynamic balance.
Orange blossom, Easter lily, pink Champagne, diamond musk, tonka, white lilac, and cashmere.
Wear to cultivate harmony, emotional intelligence, and skillful diplomacy.

~ Scorpio ~
A sophisticated perfume to reveal inner truth and inspire intimacy.
Burgundy silk, dark chocolate, agarwood, lurid musk, aged patchouli, and an indulgent melange of raspberry, plum, and black cherry.
Wear to dissolve inhibitions, to unveil power as well as passion, and to engage in the sacred act of Trust.

~ Sagittarius ~
A smoldering scent like the glow upon a distant horizon.
Saddle leather, sassafras, golden hay, raw cinnamon bark, clove bud, dragon fruit, hinoki wood, and vanilla tobacco. Wear to stir your spirit of adventure, to seek beyond the known and the comfortable, and to revel in the renewal of childlike wonder.

~ Capricorn ~
A blend for patience, strategy, and earthly mastery.
Sun-warmed stone, grey suede, Harris tweed, orris root, vetiver, pale patchouli, and cypress.
Wear to strengthen your resolve, to draw upon your reserves of diligence and conviction, and to achieve the fulfillment of your loftiest ambitions.

~ Aquarius ~
An eccentric concoction for foresight, ingenuity, independence, and personal integrity.
Key lime, fresh fig, black oud, three sacred sandalwoods, bitter almond, clove, and young green coconut.
Wear to enliven the imagination, to encourage independent thought, and to shield against conformity.

~ Pisces ~
A soothing amalgam to liberate consciousness, dissolve barriers, and cultivate compassion.
Honeydew melon, garden mint, fresh basil, cucumber, elderflower, lemon myrtle, and ylang. Wear to support meditation, lucid dreaming, and expansion of psychic sensitivity.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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