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Astrology Part 3: Houses - Discovery Set

Astrology Part 3: Houses - Discovery Set

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A sample set of our 12  Astrology Houses scents:

~ House of Identity ~
The Ascendant marks the First House: realm of personality, first impressions, and the way we approach the world. It is where our sense of Self intersects with the actions we take.
Top notes of fresh rhubarb and cubeb, a heart of allspice, Grains of Paradise, and hibiscus, and base notes of dandelion root, styrax, and acacia wood.
Wear to seize initiative and reorient yourself when you feel lost.

~ House of Resources ~
The Second House: realm of the physical body and all that sustains it. It is also the seat of our core values and guiding principles.
Top notes of fresh pear and nutmeg, a heart of apple blossom, honeysuckle, and elderflower, and base notes of toasted rice, oats, and orris.
Wear to ground and center in your own material Being. It supports personal integrity and accurate assessment of what matters to you.

~ House of the Mind ~
The Third House: realm of perception, thought, and communication. It’s the lens through which you receive information, and the voice with which you share it.
Top notes of lemon thyme, eyebright, and bergamot, a heart of clary sage, green fig, and mace, with base notes of coumarin, olivewood, and black walnut.
Wear to discern useful data from static. It supports clarity and accuracy.

~ House of Foundations ~
The Fourth House: realm of subjective feeling, intuition, and our fundamental needs. It’s the deeply personal sphere of home and the Inner Child, where we experience safety and vulnerability.
Top notes of white grapefruit, silk tree blossom, and fresh cucumber, a heart of gardenia, coconut, white tea, and water lily, and a base of copal resin, teakwood, and benzoin.
Wear for support in healing, therapy, or Shadow Work. It sheds gentle light on unconscious wounds to facilitate reintegration.

~ House of Joy ~
The Fifth House: realm of freedom, authentic expression, and play. It’s the palace of our creativity and the flourishing garden of merriment.
Top notes of strawberry, melissa, and pink peppercorn, a heart of heliotrope, golden plum, and hay, with a base of Tonka bean, saffron, and angelica root.
Wear to lift your spirits, spark inspiration, and awaken your inner Artist.

~ House of Proficiency ~
The Sixth House: realm of skills and talents that are diligently cultivated into personal strengths.
Top notes of green grape and flowering rosemary, a heart of aged oak, olivewood, and almond, with a base of black fig, and myrrh.
Wear to highlight your competencies and put them to good use. It supports perseverance and consistency.

~ House of Connection 2023 ~
The Seventh House: realm of romance, attraction, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. It’s where our conversations have less to do with information, and more to do with cultivating amity.
Top notes of yuzu and cardamom, a heart of Bulgarian lavender, honey, and tea rose, with a base of Madagascar vanilla and golden amber resin.
Wear to sweeten your words and accentuate your charm.

~ House of Intimacy ~
The Eighth House: a complex realm of trust, commitment, shared resources, and interdependence. It’s where we dare to be vulnerable, and deepen our relationships.
Top notes of neroli and raw silk, a heart of black fig and mulled wine, with a base of Mexican vanilla bean, santal, and oud.
Wear to nurture connection, sharing, and strong interpersonal bonds.

~ House of Exploration ~
The Ninth House: realm of philosophy, personal growth, and the expansion of one’s world view. It’s where new experience challenges old beliefs and offers us a chance to proceed differently.
Top notes of juniper berry and fir, a heart of toasted pecan, English oakwood, and cedar with a base of green amber, Copaiba balsam, and Omani frankincense.
Wear to break free of routine and stretch beyond what you know.

~ House of Mastery ~
The Tenth House: realm of earthly achievement, career, and our public role within the community. It’s where long-term goals are attained and maturity gives rise to personal authority.
Top notes of sage and spring water, a heart of mountain mahogany, with a base of vetiver and chilly stone musk.
Wear for support in taking yourself seriously and learning to honor your well-earned success.

~ House of the Frontier ~
The Eleventh House: realm of the future, ideals, and imagination. It’s where we reevaluate traditions, deconstruct outmoded systems, and dare to blaze new trails.
Top notes of green mandarin and coriander, a heart of violet leaf, labdanum, and Australian sandalwood, with a base of liatrix and liquidambar.
Wear to ignite innovation, to see with objectivity, and break the rules that no longer serve you.

~ House of Transcendence ~
The Twelfth House: realm of spirit, psychicism, and altered consciousness. It’s where facts are not the same as truths, and all sense of certainty dissolves.
Top notes of wild blueberry and morning fog, a heart of pale lilac and cashmere, with a base of orris and white amber.
Wear to facilitate meditation, dreaming, and magic.

    Set of 1 ml sample vials - Classic carrier oil

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